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    I love driving around and looking for old bikes sitting under carports, under back decks and under tarps. I wonder what tales the bikes could tell if they could talk. But I also feel sorry for them. To me they remind me of a dog chained to a stake. They want to run and do what they were built for. It pains me to see them wasting away unused and neglected. The roads we traverse are not racetracks so I have never seen the need in bikes over 100 horsepower. There are no gravel run offs and air fences in the corners, only guardrails and trees or oncoming traffic. So bikes that appeal to me are the Hawk GT, Suzuki GS500 and Kawasaki EX 500. These are bikes often over looked (well except for the Hawk); that I feel have potential. Shave as much weight off as possible, new rings, gaskets, suspension upgrade, re-jetting, better exhaust and tires can make even the most mundane bike more exciting. Not to mention insurance and maintenance costs are better along with the purchase price compared to 600s and liter bikes. I'm hoping in the near future I can get hold of some of these bikes and start their rebirth. I even have a few friends throwing ideas that seem fun and challenging since they involve adding bodywork and painting them in MotoGp liveries.

    Honda Hawk GT - Repsol, Petronas, Castrol, Lucky Strike
    Suzuki GS500 - Lucky Strike, Ecstar, Telefonica,.
    Kawasaki EX 500 - Monster Energy, Avintia.

    I've been in talks with TYGA for bodywork hoping their Suzuki RGV will fit the GS500 and they have some slick looking NSR bodywork for the Honda.

    I'd love to hear you input.

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    i'd never ride a bike with product advertising, especially tobacco......................unless they paid me ALOT.
    "It's only getting worse."

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      I think its got more to do with the appearance of the race bikes from the big leagues than their sponsors ... I’ve seen a few bikes painted in race-style graphics without the sponsors names and the decals that were tastefully done. It’s not like a tatoo that can’t be changed. I had an acquaintance at American Honda who was a muscian, his right arm featured the triple tuning fork logo of Yamaha ... it was later that he discovered he really liked playing a Rickenbocker better! He kept his long shirt sleeves rolled down to hide the logo and never pulled them up at work. Sometime later, he realized that no one cared.

      I say if you want a race bike replica, go for it! Nobody cares if you use Champion spark plugs but have an NGK decal.
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