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Recovered and reshaped the seat

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  • Recovered and reshaped the seat

    Reshaped the seat in an attempt to make it more comfortable, I will let you know the results when I ride the bike maybe in April
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    Nice! Did you glue in any high density foam? Where did you get the cover?
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      I am in the UK and got the supplies from Martrim, the first photo is the foam, the colored roll is firm foam and 25/30mm thick, I started with this for the shape and then covered that and the whole seat with the grey foam which is soft and 10mm thick
      Second photo just patterns
      Third photo black cover is a trial piece to check the fit, the grey cover I bought from America but was not good enough, I used it as a template.
      You do not have permission to view this gallery.
      This gallery has 3 photos.


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        Nice work Ian,let us know if it’s comfortable.


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          Nice work!
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            Excellent work!


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              Looks great.

              I've tried seats before. I'm very bad at them. Upholstery is not my strong suit.
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