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CBR400RR-inspection tips

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  • CBR400RR-inspection tips

    Have a lead on what appears to be a 1987 (1988?) CBR400 RR TriARM w gear drive - 18000 miles. - it's not cheap.

    A few questions from those in the know, before I travel to take a look.

    18k - Are these engines bullet proof as similar honda 4 engines of the period?

    Photos look decent, with typical scratches on fairings etc.

    Probably needs all the same period rubber and wear bits replaced. Claims it's got a rust free tank.

    Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.

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    would be good to do a compression test or at least inspect the sparkplugs. probably won't happen but at least check that it clicks into each gear.
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      If you have pics or more details of the bike, post them up. Several of us have owned NC23/NC29 before, and may have by chance owned the particular specimen you are looking at

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        I second Mr. Wildwhl’s call for pics!
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          It's gone, he who hesitates...


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            Originally Posted by Ssnead
            It's gone, he who hesitates...
            I'm usually pretty happy when somthing I'm hesitant about buying sells. Makes the decision for me.
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