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Retro Reboot: Honda NTV900

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  • Retro Reboot: Honda NTV900

    While wasting [work] time this afternoon I came across this 2018 article by Sam Hewitt (, which includes a simulation of an update of our favourite motorbike. I did a search of the forum and couldn't find any past mentions.


    If it was my design, I'd delete those unnecessary additions to the frame and the ugly exhaust.

    Concerning the engine, the author comments 'we’ve gone the easy route and upped the capacity to 900cc which when coupled with lighter internals and modern fuelling should make an easy 110bhp'. Good to hear that it's 'easy' - I've got some plans involving 900cc, I wonder how close to 110 I'll get...

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    I would buy one


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      They are going to have to build a better bottom end for 110 HP I'm afraid.
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        Originally Posted by Fastmongrel
        I would buy one
        Me too, for like $2800...

        Anything over that and I'll stick with ours.
        Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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            The image shows it with the DCT transmission version. Hey Honda, enough with all the black. I know it cheaper to paint so much black but it looks like crap compared to my Hawks.
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