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Kudos to 69Falcon !!

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  • Kudos to 69Falcon !!

    image_52924.jpg Just wanted to send a thank you to 69Falcon. I'm really impressed with the tank, fender, and tail section I bought from him. Class act !!

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    Glad it is going to good use!
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      There's no one classier than 69Falcon he's just one of the best dudes out there.
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        That is one of the coolest paint sets o have seen on a hawk. I've been in love with it since the day he rolled it in to his shop. It's a really cool color.

        Glad it is getting some use!
        Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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          It's like a showy blingy deep version of army green, but then it's also a metalic gold/black.

          It's a dope color.

          And yes, 69Falcon over all, piller to post, is the best man I know. All around.
          Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.