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Front fuel tank mount

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  • Front fuel tank mount

    I am trying to find a front rubber fuel tank mount. #17511-MN8-000. They seem to no longer be available oem. I have tried eBay and CMS, the Dutch (I think) supplier. Anybody know where I can find one? Thanks.

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    They’re pretty unobtanium. There was a production run by a member last year which may be repeated later this year. You could try posting a request on the Groups Facebook page and if you find one, grab one for me please


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      I have one in Meh shape I won't be using. Yours for shipping costs. It would be from E7N1B4 if you want to see if it's worth it. I'll post a pic when I get home.


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        If you have access to someone with a 3d printer that can print flexible filament you can have them print one for you. No production run needed. I think there was a copy of one in the 3d files post.
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