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NT650v differences

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  • NT650v differences

    Save me some more search time, I haven’t come up with much yet. The web browsers suck. Hopefully some here are knowledgeable about the model.

    It seems like the same motor physically, just maybe some evolutionary updates over time. But what is different?

    My main interest is I have been looking for stock headers, there are aftermarket headers for the NT650v that look almost identical. The collector mount area is a bit different, but not a concern. The frame mounts in the same area on the case, the covers look the same, so just wondering if there is anything different with the heads or anything.

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    Never mind. Found all the info I needed. I was mixing up ntv650 and nt650v. Unfortunately nobody sells just ntv headers but they do sell complete systems. I may just have to shorten mid pipe for mounting to work or only use headers and get a Fuel slip on which is what I think I want to do.