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Carb rebuild thread and best carb rebuild kit

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  • Carb rebuild thread and best carb rebuild kit

    Can't seem to find a thread for rebuilding a carburetor and would like people's opinions on where to get the best rebuild kits. Thanks for your input.

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    As requested…
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      carb kits may be from china, best to avoid them as parts may not be exactly right. in most cases, original parts are reusable after cleaning.

      what conditions lead you to believe you have carb problems ?
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        O rings:

        Other bits like floats:
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          I just rebuilt mine and used a Keyster kit. Seemed to be good quality parts.


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            Very rarely do i need now parts to rebuild a set. Last time i needed float bowl gaskets, but i could have made them work if i had to. Like Jerry said, everything is reusable most of the time.
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              K&L gaskets are usually what most everyone goes with if you need gaskets and seals.

              You'll probably want a set of bowl gaskets to start with. Other optionals that are not always needed are air valve O-rings, the O-rings for the fuel bowl drain, and then there is a tiny O-ring that goes on the idle mixture screw on each carb. I am not sure if anyone sells a set that is all K&L but I have found a kit from Tyga Performance that has all of them and they appear to be of good quality and price if you don't need them next day. Their site is sometimes slow and a little hard to navigate to finding parts so here is a direct linke -

              You can also check hordpower (I would check him first honestly) or local honda shops as well if you just need the bowl gaskets. They might have it in stock and get it a little faster because I think Tyga ships from Taiwan or something similar

              You can check their listings for other Hawk specific items ut search by the model drop down list on the side and you will see options for various sub assemblies. They make a great set of rear sets that are 100 % bolt on and some other machined and carbon fiber parts.

              If your diaphragms are torn or too old and cracked/stiff then you can order a set from JBM Industries. If you search on the site here there is a thread for installing them and although his website is a little messy the set you want is the K-72-S parts. I think he sells them individually but eventually you will probably need them so I would just buy them and get it done now since it's very easy to do.

              There are also two air valves with springs. They don't go bad arbitrarily but they are perishable like any other rubber parts so if your bike starts popping on decel real bad for no reason it is probably them, and I think they are still a OEM honda part that you can get from hordpower or if you are fortunate maybe a local honda stealership will have them in stock.
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                Parts-n-More has several wear item replacements... but they are in Canada so order lots to make up for the shipping.


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                  Thanks to everyone for your helpful input. This summer did not go as I had planned and I am just getting around to doing the carburetors if there aren't more interruptions. I was planning on rebuilding the carbs because of a bad stumble on acceleration and generally not rideable when taken out of storage. Bike ran perfect when stored. For storing I had drained the carbs and shot some oil in the cylinders. Carbs were worked on by a Honda trained mechanic last year and the bike had never run better. He tried to help me this past summer but did not find anything wrong. Bike runs as if lean but plug are black. Any ideas before a carb rebuild will be helpful. Again, the bike was running perfect when stored.


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                    I guess it pays to ask did you change anything, like the airbox or the exhaust pipe, or perhaps spark plugs and wires? Also, when you stored it did you drain the fuel bowls? I know you said your mechanic already went through it but there is a chance he maybe missed something that could be mundane. It costs nothign to take the carbs off and inspect them and if you changed any of the intake filtration and did not rejet that could the source of your issues.
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                      +1 keyster


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