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  • Hey old friends!

    Well - it's been years since my '88 has been fired up - and I'm ashamed to admit it. 2020 hit with lock downs - so Paul and I decided we were going to get both hawks going again (he has a '91). I was making progress cleaning the carbs and coating the inside of my tank - but then life happened and the carbs sat disassembled. Paul's too - but worse, his diaphragms had tears and he still needs to coat his rusty tank, too.

    Fast forward to a friend of ours who loves to maintain vehicles of all sorts who needed a project between projects and offered to get our bikes going. He's been texting me some questions, so here I am, logging in here again after being away for so long looking at the Jetting Database and trying to look for reasons why I only have a pull cable on my throttle (remembering vaguely that I was told most people get rid of the push cable - and found many posts about it!), and just general Hawk quirks. We'll see how this all goes...

    Anyway - being here brought back some fond memories of WHCRs and all the help from you all!

    Hi to melmsrt4 (who seems inactive for a few years), jspeed53, nomoduc, 88Honda Hawk, danny, behindthetimes, SPA , F14, SSSA, da Hawkster, and all the rest who have been part of my decade long hawk journey - good to see your user names again!

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    good luck on the project bikes. I'm new here and hasn't heard about omitting one of the throttle cables before.


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      Hey there, enils (Erika?)
      Yeah, its been awhile. Your story is similar to a lot of folks. Pandemic shut down has screwed up a lot of riders.
      Welcome back!
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        Welcome back! Hope you find all you need.
        Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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          Welcome back!
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            Getting rid of the push cable is usually an easy solution if you have changed to lower clip on's or taller dirt bike bars. The cables are no fun to adjust normally and after bar changing events are a huge pain in the butt.
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              Hey you!!! Hope all is well. Things changed or happened to many during the last couple years. Yeah I too went single cable after putting on clip ons. It's been 16 yrs with no issue.