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  • Crashed!

    Not on my Hawk this time, but on my dad's old 85 BMW R80RT. On Tuesday I was riding home from work when things felt all...wobbly. I was in the carpool lane on the 91 so once I realized something was definitely not right, I started making my way over to the shoulder. I got to the shoulder but hadn't come to a complete stop when the wobbles got much more extreme, and I knew I was gonna be going down. I was probably slowed down to 30 mph or so when I couldn't hang on any longer. Next thing I knew, I was waking up on my back on the pavement with paramedics and CHP asking me questions. My Apple Watch also called my wife when it detected my fall, and I apparently had a conversation with her but don't remember it very well from my end. Pretty soon, I was loaded into an ambulance and headed to UCI Medical Center. They looked me over, did a CT scan, and told me it looked like I had fractured ribs and broken my clavicle in two places. Joy. All I know is, breathing was pretty painful! They got me transported finally to a room where I spent the night.

    The next day, I begged every nurse and doctor I saw to let me go home. My wish was granted around noon, after they had seen me piss, walk around, eat, and drink. And pay the bill, of course. Fortunately, I have good insurance. Unfortunately, it covers hospital expenses only after a $10k deductible, so I've got $10k on my credit cards that I'll have to figure out how to pay off ASAP. Also, my wife and I are wedding photographers (my second job, her primary) and we had a wedding today we were supposed to shoot. So we're out the $4.5k we had to refund for that, too.

    I'm grateful to be alive and not injured worse, but while my body will heal itself, our finances need some help. If you feel so inclined, you can send donations to my wife Marisa via Venmo: @marisaannep If you prefer any other means of payment, PM me and we can figure it out.

    Sadly, I think this means my days of street riding are over for now. I'll figure out what to do with my 91 Hawk and the (surprisingly ok!) BMW when I'm healed a bit more. Motorcycles have always been such a source of joy for me, so I'll probably get the itch again and eventually end up buying a race bike or something!

    See you all around, I'll still lurk on the forums and the FB page for sure. Keep the shiny side up, and try not to get sudden unexplained flat tires...

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    Welp. That sucks.

    ​​​​​​Good news is you are up and talking about it.

    I'd take a bit before deciding to abandon motorcycles. You never know.. I mean, the chances of that happening twice are way lower than once.. But the idea of getting to the track on the other hand, I'd fully have to agree with. I feel it's safer in general and a good track rider/racer is a safer street rider to boot.

    Sorry to hear all that. And losing money is never fun, but collar bones heal fast, and concussions as well and money is always temporary.

    Best of luck moving forward with your recovery.
    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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      Damn tpet , so sorry to hear. I had a dust up a while back myself, and I was prepared to walk away, but time heals (physically and mentally) and I’m rebuilding and hopeful of enjoying riding again, soon. Hopefully you’ll do the same, either on the road or on the track. Best wishes on a rapid recovery…
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        Glad you weren't hurt any more seriously than it turned out, although the financial impact just compounds the physical injuries.

        I'm curious what you learn caused the fall, tire, mechanical failure, road surface?


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          Get well soon!
          Brian - Richland, WA
          1991 Hawk GT


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            Hard to tell whether the crash damaged the rim, or it was damaged prior and that caused the flat tire/sudden loss of control. I think I’d remember a bump big enough to dent the edge of the rim, but you never know… suspension can hide a lot sometimes.


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              10 days post crash and I’m feeling somewhat better. Got more energy now and it’s nice that it doesn’t hurt so much to breathe. Hoping my clavicle heals up ok, I play a lot of volleyball so it’s important for my shoulders to function properly! Gonna see a doctor again at the hospital on Tuesday so they can evaluate my progress. My PCP said he thinks I’ll heal completely after looking at the x-rays he took again on Monday.

              The BMW is back in my garage and other than the fairing, damage to the clocks, the rear rim, and scraped up left saddlebag it actually seems mostly intact. I might be able to sell it to someone who will either replace the fairing or just convert it into a regular R80.


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                Glad you are feeling better dude.
                Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.