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Electronic Speedometer-Tachometer Suggestions?

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  • Electronic Speedometer-Tachometer Suggestions?

    Let the madness begin.

    I’ve wanted to get a sidecar rig for years so I can take my dogs with me when I ride. While “helping” a friend look for a used bike, I stumbled across a 1999 Suzuki Bandit 1200 for $800. I told him that if he didn’t buy it, I would. He didn’t. I did.

    I already have a Bandit, a 2003 that I titled new in 2005; so, I know the bike very well.

    The bike needs a lot of love, which explains the price. Part of that love is a set of gauges. How someone can ride without a speedo and tach, I don’t know, but the previous owner did.

    I’ve been searching for electronic gauges, but it’s overwhelming.

    I want something big enough to read easily. I’d like to spend under $100, but reliability seems to be an issue at that price.

    Trail Tech gets mixed reviews. Acewell gauges are either too small or too much money.

    I’m really interested in the Koso TNT-01, DB-01RN, DB-01R+ in that order. They are more than I want to spend, but I may have to suck it up.

    So, what have you used, and how did you like it?​

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    I suggest the Vapor. Simple, reliable, cost effective (probably around $225 w/the dash light kit) but well worth it. Below I have posted Parc’s ‘How To’ on installation. The device is reliable (although I would suggest a new battery each year), more so than the Koso on my 900F. I should have gone w/the Trail Tech on that bike too, and may happen one day…
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      I run a Speedhut gps speedo and no tach on my main bike, shift by ear and feel. The backup bike got a cheap gps speedo off Amazon.
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        Originally Posted by 69Falcon
        I run a Speedhut gps speedo and no tach on my main bike,
        That's pretty slick.

        OP, you can also just get an older Android phone for about close to nothing and download a speedo app. I think some of them can be programmed for tach too, but I don't know how that works.


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          Koso reliability is So-so.

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            The trailtech Vapor gets my vote. I've had 2 across 2 bikes, about to do a third, and had no issues with the first 2 that I did not create myself. IN one case I got a little hot and heavy with the pressure washer but once it dried out things went to normal. It was on the magneitc pickup which stopped working for a little while. Kind of strange since it is sealed but I just made a note to self not to blast the shit ouf of the wheel sensor anymore and that was my first build so after that I stopped washing bikes all together unless I was riding and it was raining, or I was doing a tear down for rebuild.
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              I sent Trail Tech a message asking what model suits a '99 Bandit. I had a reply within hours. Excellent customer service. Still, I'm leaning toward the Koso TNT-01, especially since someone over at Maximum-Suzuki shared a picture of his build with one mounted. He's been very happy with it. Granted, the gauge is the least trick thing on the bike. 1st bike in the thread:

              It doesn't look like the link is working. It's Oldskoolsuzuki: "My Bandits" by rdubandit.
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                GPS speedo


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                  What brand/source is that type?
                  AND, does it have an odometer?
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