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    we might get some more traffic...

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    My pronouns are she/hers.

    To ride is to live.

    There, and back again. (photos from the epic journey)

    '88 Hawk GT (Rekka)
    '07 Shadow 600 (Gremlin)

    '90 Hawk GT (Fireball/red-tailed hawk) RIP

    I'm at 40% of that list, with a desire to only reach 80%. Worked on too many CXs during my time in the industry. And... a Rebel 250. Pass. But I would like to make a city cafe/scrambler out of a CB250 Nighthawk. They really are great engines.
    "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"


      The Honda S90 could reach an indicated 63 mph if you were a skinny kid lying on the tank. Ask me how I know.

      I certainly don't know where he got the 58 HP figure for the Hawk GT, because even the often-quoted 55 HP was a stretch.


        i worked on and rode a friend's rebel 250, a learner bike with very low power, way too low, ridiculously low.

        no comparison to the v-twin 250 in the vtr250, which has strong acceleration since it's so light, tops out just over 100.

        proof you don't need more than 33hp to have an exciting, good handling a smaller format.

        aug_1_2020_015.JPG.12a70f72daaafe2a1ac3a73a64a76afb.jpg gallery_3647_3444_36622.jpg 8-21-21 new camera 014.jpg gallery_3647_3505_14829.jpg
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        "It's only getting worse."

        MY rides: '97 VFR750, '90 Red Hawk, '88 Blue/Black Hawk, '86 RWB VFR700 (3), '86 Yamaha Radian, '90 VTR250, '89 VTR250 (2), '73 CB125, '66 Yamaha YL-1

        Sold: '86 FJ1200, '92 ZX-7, '90 Radian, '73 CB750, '89 all-white Hawk, '88 blue Hawk, '86 FZ600, '86 Yam Fazer 700 , '89 VTR250, '87 VFR700F2, '86 VFR700F.


          I adore Supercubs / C90s / Passports and all their variants. Still don't get the attraction for CX500s, they were prevalent years ago when I worked as a courier. Known as plastic maggots and widely reviled. The little 125 Elsinores are SO much fun - you have to screeeeeeam them to go anywhere.


            Originally Posted by squirrelman View Post
            no comparison to the v-twin 250 in the vtr250, which does have some serious acceleration.
            I loved my little Barbie-ceptor! Bought it as training wheels for the SO and more or less co-opted it as my commuter because it was so much fun to flog mercilessly and still barely endanger my driver's license.

            I'd bring another one home if I tripped over a deal...