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  • Abysmal customer service

    As my build thread discussed, the end goal of my project was to have a race bike. To that end, I wanted a fairing on the bike. Quick google searching reveals that Air-Tech is the obvious choice for this. Their website (while looking like it was created in Netscape) clearly stated at least a four week lead time; fair enough. I ordered the fairing on November 15, 2022. Four weeks would have put us at right before Christmas and allowing for that and Thanksgiving and New Year, I reached out after January. They finally got it to me late January - I needed it mounted and painted ready for the track by Feb 17... Not going to happen - oh well, NBD.

    The fairing arrived decently packaged but with NO paperwork whatsoever other than the bill of lading.

    I start looking over the parts - the fiberglass work is top notch, no doubt about it - the mounting kit, now that was a different story...
    Per their website, you get this:

    I got this:
    Rusty, nasty and not even the same shape as what they have listed - so naturally, I assume they made a mistake... A fellow Hawk racer had kindly sent me a picture of his bike, and I had zoomed in to get a closer look at what he had - he has this:

    Looks like he got the part as advertised.

    So I send them an email with this pic and my pic, where I am trying to illustrate that the part I have does not match what I see elsewhere. I laid it in place it was on top of the brake master cylinder.
    Their takeaway from this was to tell me that I didn't know what I was talking about and that clearly, from the previous picture, the clip-ons needed to be UNDERNEATH the top triple clamp. Oh? Wow, did not know this... Thanks for the helpful advice. I asked about why they didn't just tell me this via email; the guy says it is easier to talk people through the process than to type it out...

    As someone who has worked in tech support, having a doc to send someone to saves a TON of phone calls, but hey, their business, their model.

    So, I have the parts powder-coated (which was surprisingly expensive) and after I returned from Roebling, decided to try this again. I drop the clip-ons and attempt to fit the bracket. It doesn't align... WTF?

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    2nd part - couldn't post as one, attachment limit exceeded:

    Left side, right side, overall view:
    Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 9.02.51 AM.png

    So I grab an angle gauge and measure:
    Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 9.04.49 AM.png

    Something is obviously wrong here... I send them another email with these pics. No reply... So a few days later, I call them - dude that I spoke to before comes on the line, tells me that I may have to bend the part to get it to fit. Says it is mocked up and welded in a jig, and nobody else has had this problem - it must be me.

    So I grab my hand seamer and begin bending - of course the powder coating cracks and sloughs off - no surprise there... After some bending and cussing, it lines up.

    Then I proceed to line up the front fairing stay - guess what? It is not straight either...

    At this point, I lose my shit and write up a little summation of my frustration on Facebook. I @ them in FB, hoping that they will see this. Well, turns out they did see it... And then proceed to flame me - saying that I am obviously an idiot who is completely ill-equipped to utilize their superior products. They take the photos I sent and say that clearly I am an idiot since anyone can see that the clip-on positions are wrong and I am ungrateful for the help they have provided me.

    Say what? So I call them immediately - while I see "someone is typing..." on FB. They transfer me BACK to that same guy - 3rd time I have spoken to him now, who explains that their boss becomes vociferously defensive when someone "attacks" their company. He explains that in order to align the front stay, you stand at the back of the bike, sight down the length and bend the stay to be correct. Why not just weld it straight to begin with?

    Truly, you can't make this stuff up!

    If you read the replies, the rep says the right side is like that to accommodate the master cylinder reservoir. We already know I am idiot, coz they told me I am, but I don't know of any master cylinder reservoir that would fit there...
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      That sucks. They obviously need better customer relations communication, and you didn't get everything that was promised by pictures. But on stuff like this that is made for non-stock machines with different clip-ons, masters (maybe w/ remote reservoirs?), levers, etc on every bike, you ALWAYS completely pre-fit (and tweak/adjust) everything before any painting/coating of any kind. Being in a rush for a track weekend was the perfect storm too.

      You think this one is bad, try one of their RZ350 full fairing kits.

      Seriously, sorry dude. The shit ain't cheap either. Triple sting.

      It will look sick when you get everything ironed out tho, looking forward to seeing it.
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      "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"


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        That sucks. I have had good luck with Airtech. Having said that, I have only purchased bodywork, not mounting hardware from them. I hear you on the Airtech website. Man talk about outdated. And I always hold my breath doing an order over the phone (which is the only way to order from Airtech).
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