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Riding Man book (and other bike/car books?)

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  • Riding Man book (and other bike/car books?)

    Wes (my kid) is reading a bunch. He asked me to recommend some bike/car books. I recommended Fast Guys Rich Guys and Idiots, Drive Like Hell, Ring of Fire, he just finished The Art of Racing in the Rain... As i was thinking of books i remembered Riding Man, but it took me a day to remember the name. Id recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it. Its about a guys first trip to race IOMTT.

    Anyone have any other recommendations?

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    Burt Levy has a bunch of books that might be good, starting with The Last Open Road - very kid friendly, but I enjoyed reading them as an adult.


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      Any book by Mat Oxley - Stealing speed was a good one.

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        jupiter's travels by ted simon

        i met the author at a bike hangout in phoenix in 1997 and had a memorable discussion. +travels&qid=1678754471&s=books&sprefix=jupitor%27 s+travels%2Cstripbooks%2C197&sr=1-1
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          "First Family of Racing" is pretty good. You can't read it without hearing Earl Hayden's voice.