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  • North Carolina members question

    I posted before about my NC tag issue that I had been riding on expired tags all of last year. I was told to go to the DMV and they would straighten it out. Well they did at the cost of getting new tags. They didn't know why I was not getting a renewal notification in the mail which I get for all my other vehicles including my other motorcycle. They also said they couldn't guarantee I would get one in the future.
    Does anyone here in North Carolina receive notification's in the mail for their bikes or will I just have to keep track of my tag expiration date ? Also she didn't ask for an inspection certified. Do 1990 bikes require inspections ?

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    It hasn’t come time for me to renew my tag yet and it’s my first year owning the bike. However if I remember correctly when I got it legal they did not require an inspection on my 1990 hawk gt here in NC. Sry for the late response. Haven’t been on the forum in a while


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      I receive notification from NCDMV when my registration is due. Never been an issue, interesting that they couldn’t even tell you what went wrong. But in dealing w/them in the past, incompetence reins supreme…
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