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New Hawk Owner Looking To Trade Exhaust Systems(?)

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  • New Hawk Owner Looking To Trade Exhaust Systems(?)

    ​Hey there! For some context, I'm a brand new rider who's just finished the MSF course alongside the usual YouTube deep dives through general motorcycle info, history, myth debunks, etc. Basically I've learned that statistically, loud pipes rarely ever save lives but certainly annoy neighbors more often than not. Being located in busy San Francisco, I'm looking to start riding around but my recently-purchased Hawk has a big downside: an aftermarket M4 exhaust system (pictured) that I've found a lot louder than my liking.

    So my goal here is to either trade this in for a stock system, OR find a suitable muffler/applicable silencer that won't cause ruckus in dense neighborhoods while being relatively quiet. Any suggestions/anybody willing to give up their quiet OEM system for this less-than-subtle exhaust? Thanks!! Hoping to stay on the Hawk train for a while.


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    I cut my M4 midpipe shorter and put a Delkevic slip on pipe on it. Mine was a high mount as opposed to the low mount setup though. The pipe is a shorter oval at 18 inches but it looks way better and to me it is not noisy. It is louder than stock but not nearly so much as something like a shorty TBR was (and I had one). Hope that helps some.

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      Thank you for the suggestion! Looked into this, but I ended up getting pretty lucky within the hour of browsing Ebay and found an OEM (used) exhaust system, so I'll be slapping that on within a few weeks lol.


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