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August 2019 HOTM Voting

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    August 2019 HOTM Voting

    It is officially time! HOTM is back! Cast your votes!

    Scot_Hawk's 'Rosalie'
    Frinesi2's Orange and Grey
    Ziggy's Blue
    khunphil's Thailand Chopper

    The poll is expired.

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    Scot_Hawk's "Rosalie":

    "I love this bike and will be riding her into the sunset. She's mostly stock with the following exceptions:

    Racetech springs and emulators
    Penske 8975 shock
    Goodridge Shadow Brake Lines
    Cowl savers
    K&S Aluminum body turn signals
    WW Tail Tidy"

    {"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tIMG_0866 - Copy.JPG Views:\t48 Size:\t1.28 MB ID:\t887095","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"887095","data-size":"full"}

    {"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tIMG_0029 - Copy.JPG Views:\t47 Size:\t1.46 MB ID:\t887092","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"887092","data-size":"thumb"}{"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tIMG_0040 - Copy.JPG Views:\t45 Size:\t1.39 MB ID:\t887093","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"887093","data-size":"thumb"}{"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tIMG_0848 - Copy.JPG Views:\t43 Size:\t1.25 MB ID:\t887094","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"887094","data-size":"thumb"}
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      "Front end - gsxr750 forks, 929rr rim, 600rr (I think) discs & calipers, cb1000r triples, 954rr (maybe?) steering stem, 599 headlight. Pro taper bars with vfr400 (?) left switches, 600rr right switches with separate throttle housing to clock it nicely, pro taper clutch, yamaha R1 radial front master cylinder, heated grips. Also trail tech vapor dash.

      Rear is a ducati eccentric, cush (with Superlite steel sprocket), and rim and a custom machined under slung caliper carrier for the Brembo. Custom chain roller and UHMWPE swing guide keep the chain in check and a through-swingarm-brake line kit from JD keeps it pretty.

      Motor was bored out to 663 by a previous owner (alledgedly, I haven't opened it up to verify) and it has an M4 exhaust with a shortened yoshi muffler and custom mid pipe. Also has the mikuni pump on WW boomerang.

      And there's a whole bunch of other farkle and a fox shock in between. Rims and rear spring custom powder coated orange for that color contrast that drives the yutes crazy. Color matched zip tie holds the seat cowl on. Tyga rearsets make it look like I tried. Reload frame sliders because I've taken to clumsiness in my old age. Fabian tire hugger, will eventually be joined with other Fabian stuff when I do the Revere tank, m.gadget, and EFI."

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        "I rescued this '88 Hawk last Spring from a garage where it sat for almost 20 years under a blanket
        Got it running, cleaned it up, and replaced a lot of parts using OEM when possible.
        Bike is probably 99% stock.
        Hope the forum members approve."
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          Chopper style from Thailand !


          Sadly, no other photos of this one
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            Oh jesus. This is going to be hard man.

            Scotts bike is the perfect example of the hawk the way it should have came from honda.

            Eric's bike is on my all time top ten list.

            Ziggy has a time machine.

            And Khunphil... I have never seen its equal. It really takes you to a place. You can almost smell the air and feel the humidity.

            I truly don't know what to do... Im leaning to Khunphil but i'm going to have to come back to this and vote later.

            GOOD MONTH!
            Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


              Stockers are lovely......but brakes and suspension do it for me.


                Oh no ... a minty BLUE stock Hawk is my weakness ... but .... Frinesi2ís machine is close to my own build ... wider tires, better suspension, improved motor breathing, brakes that will stop it, and a tastey assortment of techno-bling ...
                Bi-Coastal U.S.A.: Los Angeles, CA and Long Island, NY


                  Ok, i did it. Im sorry, this was HARD. But i had to vote for Khunphil.
                  Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


                    Originally Posted by 6 View Post
                    But i had to vote for Khunphil.
                    Because you are an anarchist model and sex-worker?Because Peter Fonda passed away?Or is it the originality?Well,kinda original anyway.
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                      Originally Posted by behindthetimes View Post

                      Because you are an anarchist model and sex-worker?Because Peter Fonda passed away?Or is it the originality?Well,kinda original anyway.
                      Its different. Its a whole new take on a hawk. Don't see that much, and it gets its point across.
                      Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


                        My first Hawk was a really nice blue one and I was stupid for selling it.. Always loved the blue ones.. I see just one fault with that beautiful Blue one. License plate is missing.

                        88 Blue Hawk (bike #39), 89 Red Hawk, FZ-09. Some Past/sold in reverse order:,97 Magna, 97 VFR750F, 87 VFR400R, 88 Hawk, 86 SRX 600, 77 RD400, 79 CB650, 04 VFR, 88 Blue Hawk, 89 Red Hawk, Yamaha SRX600, Harley 1200C, Yamaha RD400, Harley 883R, Yamaha 750 triple, Vlx600, Honda 450, Honda 400, CB550F, Kawasaki H1, BMW R69US, Yamaha R5C 350, Honda 160, Bridgestone 175, 1950 Harley 74 w/sidecar, 65 Harley 250 Sprint, 1948 Harley and my 1st bike-1941 Harley 74 knucklehead my dad gave in1963.


                          Originally Posted by BillnOroville View Post
                          ... and I was stupid for selling it...
                          That's a universally true statement.

                          Originally Posted by BillnOroville View Post
                          ...License plate is missing...
                          That is how it's faster.

                          If you were looking for a support group you're barking up the wrong tree. This place is fulla enablers dude. - Shooter77us

                          The bitterness of low quality lingers long after the thrill of a low price has gone. - RacerX450


                            I can't decide ...

                            maybe a contestant can help me out ?

                            PM me for my PayPal address
                            "Hawk Porn" 1990 NT650-Penske 8981, Race-tech Springs & Gold Valves, Steve Lenac six-piston caliper & EBC rotor,SS Brake lines Ft / Rear lines through SSA ,VFR brake lever, F2 front wheel, F-120/70 R-160/60 Dunlop Roadsmart, Full-Supertrapp Exhaust, Stage 1 Jet kit, K&N Filter, Corbin Seat, Pro-Tec Clip-On's/ Past Rides...1986 VFR700F2 Interceptor / 1979 Yamaha Rd400 Daytona Special


                              I had to go with something I've never seen before.
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