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Jan-Feb Motoring Thing of the Month(s) = Hobby Cars

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    Jan-Feb Motoring Thing of the Month(s) = Hobby Cars

    It's cold. At least for us northern types, it is not the best time to be polishing up those bikes and photographing them for a silly internet brag contest! So, on the suggestion of another active member, we're gonna change it up with hobby cars. Put on a hat and gloves and run that thing through a car wash, snap a few pics, and post 'em up!

    • You must currently own this vehicle
    • The car must be a "Hobby Car":
    Some examples of Hobby cars:
    • Any second (or third or whatever) vehicle that you do not need to drive regularly
    • A daily driver that you have modified (preferably ridiculously)
    • Any car (even a daily) that has required unreasonable levels of commitment or effort to the point that it could qualify as a second job - like you are still driving your Dad's '73 Buick Electra, or you brought A $500 CL junker back from the verge of death.
    It doesn't have to be pretty,. it doesn't have to be special, what matters s that you love it, and you can demonstrate that you do!

    Because I was late in launching this one, and Feb is a short month, we'll run this one a little long. You'll have until Feb 8th to enter, and then we'll have voting through the end of the month.

    How about my (wife's) JDM, short-wheelbase, turbodiesel, 5 speed manual Mitsubishi Pajero. It's technically a 3rd vehicle because it's getting parked for the winter to keep it away from all the road salt. It's in pretty good condition but it will be getting a number of little updates over the winter like new speakers, a new radio (the japanese FM band stops at 94 or something like that), new headlights, and maybe a CB because we plan on offroading it a lot (or at least I do). It also needs a few cosmetic fixes inside and outside, and some features like the digital compass, power folding mirrors, and headlight washers need to be looked at because they aren't working.

    Anyway, it's a solid little truck and I can't stop smiling when I drive it.

    Suzondacati Build Thread

    Chain rollers, swing arm chain guides, brake hangers, etc.

    Various parts for sale


      I’d post up my falcon but it’s still not done...
      Flock of Hawks | '13 Tacoma | '69 Falcon (currently getting reassembled!)
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        Ill post the truck the farm just gave me. I have EASILY 100 hours in it. I was meaning to post about it soon anyway, this is the perfect spot. Its not Chucks falcon, and not Erics Mitsu (yes, i abbreviated because i'm to lazy to look up the spelling), but it FOR SURE covers the criteria of having an asinine amount of work done to a vehicle that most people would just drive till the wheels fell off.

        Ill also tag in last months theme for extra credit, it is, and always will be, unfinished.
        Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


          Originally Posted by 69Falcon View Post
          I’d post up my falcon but it’s still not done...
          It doesn't have to be done! We know you meet the criteria of loving that thing enough to bring it back from the dead!


            Ok, here we go...
            I have no pictures of this truck when i started. Just this rainbow that kind of shows the truck.

            The backstory to this is that due to my felonious driving record i can not drive under the farm's insurance. Their solution to this was easy, they told me to hire a driver. . . FF

            A couple of months ago, out of nowhere they asked me how i liked our black truck, i told them it was a great truck just needed a little TLC. They gave it to me, told me to fix it up how i wanted and then signed it over to me so that i dont have to use my van for work if i do have to drive. They figured i would have fun with the project and wanted to thank me for all the improvements around here. It immediately made the truck a little sentimental.

            Its a 2005 Chevy 2500hd with 90k miles, a 6.0 LS/Vortec in it (i know there is debate over if the vortec is an LS or not due to the different height intakes and config of the accessory drive setup so ill cover my bases and say both) its the shorter door 4 door ( I get confused with the different names of the different 4 doors), and mechanicaly is a great truck. It was just neglected by the last manager.

            First thing that needed fixed was the fuel pump. IT got a new one, with lines... and while we had the bed off we descaled and painted the frame (front and back, top and bottom, inside and out) , rear end, and suspension hard parts. replaced the brakes, brake lines, put a new bumper on it, and cleaned up the hacked in old trailer harness wiring.


            I made patches for the holes in the bed. Some from abuse and one from the old third wheel hitch what i also removed.

            Replaced the rusty cab corners and rockers, and took care of any other rust i found under there.

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            Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


              IT then got new tail litghts, all three. and i needed to turn my attention to the tailgate.

              The gate was very dented, it didn't really open and shut, and looked rough. I decided instead of get a new gate or a new skin that i would use some of our sheet metal equipment and give it a go.

              First i tried to pull it back, no go, then i thought about making a patch...
              Closer but no..

              So i decided to re-skin it,

              When the skin stared to take shape i decided i wanted the bake of the tailgate fully smooth, so no spot for a latch. I decided to make it open from the inside. After bouncing ideas around with some forum folk I came up with this..

              Then mounted the skin.
              Tacked it up and...

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              Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


                I like the "life's too short" sticker on the pajero, sums up my thoughts entirely.

                About 6 months ago I sold my old mini cooper S, one of the earlier ones of the modern incarnations, so the one with the supercharger on it. I'd got a reduced pulley and larger intercooler on there, which made it pretty perky, I'd guess at a 0-60 of a little over 6 seconds, but the main thing was just the general directness of it all, it was like a go-kart. However, a go-kart may've been more reliable too, so that went in September and has been replaced by a 2001 BoxsterS. The daft thing is that despite having a roof made of cloth, it's actually a much more civilised car than the mini in all circumstances, and although it really wants to be revved out to make the most of the engine, if you ask it to it'll pass most things on the road, apart from a petrol pump. There can't be many people who've bought a mid engined convertible as a winter driver, but hey, like the sticker says, life's too short for boring cars.

                In the garage at the moment:

                '89 Bros 680
                '09 Daytona 675


                  As you can see, i still have to deal with the seam... What you can maybe/maybe not see is the the left panel did not fit right, there was an over hang. Fixed that last night before i went in. And stared playing with the idea of making a chevy emblem. maybe on my next try it will be good...

                  So far today the truck bed got sanded and got a fist coat of bed-liner.


                  He is in the near future getting a front bumper, passenger side bed side, a driver door skin, a rear passenger door skin (dents). He will receive new door seals and the wheels need refinishing. Also I will figure out a solution to the torn passenger seat. When it is done it will look land drive like a 90k mile well maintained truck should look and drive like. Mechanistically he is great, I made sure of that back long before it was mine... the truck was serviced regularly and inspected yearly.

                  That's my truck..

                  But, none of this shit gets done when i'm on the internet, so...

                  Back to the shop i go.

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                  Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


                    I'll throw mine in for grins. Its a 2006 Mustang GT convertible. It has a 4.6 liter V-8 and a 5-speed manual transmission. I bought it about 5 years ago when I decided I wanted another convertible for a weekend car. I had several collector cars in the past, but sold the last one (a '71 Corvette roadster) when my daughter went off the college to help pay tuition. She's been out of college for some time now, so I decided to look for a Miata or a Honda S2000, but every one I found was either ragged-out or the owner wanted more than I thought it was worth. I found this one at a local dealership -- the previous owner had traded it in on a new Camaro. It was in decent shape, but I spent many hours detailing it and adding a few modifications. I installed a GT500 rear spoiler, front air dam, short-throw shifter, cold air intake, chrome valve covers, Magnaflow exhaust, a new cloth top, and a few other cosmetic upgrades. It had 52,000 miles on it when I bought it, and I have put almost 20,000 trouble-free miles on it since then. With 300 horsepower, newer Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers will blow it in the weeds, but it has more than enough power for me. And it sure is fun to drive.

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                      behindthetimes didn't you do some very nice things to your van?


                        I don't know if my survivor 2003 Acura 3.2 CL Coupe qualifies, because it is so, err..., boring. Please pull the post if it doesn't fit. But it reminds me of the Hawk in many ways: a tidy refined design, excellent build quality, good handling, adequate power, and built for only three years before Honda pulled the plug. (The bat logo was a photoshop joke for Halloween.)

                        Acura Batman MED.jpg


                          This is my silly little money pit. '06 A3 3.2 VR6. I bought it because the guy selling it thought the DSG was toast. Couldn't pass it up for $2k. Have thrown 3x that at it since and it just keeps getting more fun. BTW - the transmission just needed a factory reset via the gas pedal and key in the on position

                          Basically an R32 in Audi skin. Photos from before the tint, detail, and drop via Bilsteins and 1.5" drop springs went in. All kinds of suspension upgrades, cat back exhaust with hi flow cats waiting for when I get bored, ECU and TCU tunes are next. It's not fast, but it is quick. Rims/tires were a score on C'list from a full that didn't realize $200 wasn't enough (tires brand new). It's been my budget sleeper build and I'll probably never throw any real HP in it as the 250 it has is good 'nuff for my purpose. Up and down Mt Rose Hwy is nearly as much giggle factor as with a Hawk!

                          Plan to give to my youngest when he gets his license, then buy something to go full retard on in my spare time.





                            Originally Posted by wildwhl View Post
                            something to go full retard on
                            When that happens, everybody pull up a chair and grab popcorn. When WW goes HAM, you are gonna wanna watch the festivities!!

                            1988 "BlackHawk" project
                            1989 "RallyHawk" is Chuck's now!
                            1988 "The Gray" Tempest Gray Metallic stocker

                            I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
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                              Jimmy30 has like a half dozen projects he could throw up in here... c'mon Jimmy!
                              1988 "BlackHawk" project
                              1989 "RallyHawk" is Chuck's now!
                              1988 "The Gray" Tempest Gray Metallic stocker

                              I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
                              People who know ride Hawks. Riot