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May/June MoTOTM = Moto-related Covid Projects - Voting!

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    May/June MoTOTM = Moto-related Covid Projects - Voting!

    Ok, the great COVID project voting has begun. Vote for your favorite!

    Poll will close June 30th.

    Next month I'm thinking we'll do rescued hawks (per user suggestion) - so those of you resurrecting dead bikes or doing ground up builds be ready!
    6 - Home Made Trailer
    Riot - Kids e-bike w/ Homemade LiIon Battery
    Yoshihns - Vespa ET2 Resto
    75GL1000 - CBX Restomod (!)
    flyinelvis - CB-1 Resto
    bk94si - 2000 BMW Z3 M Roadster
    wildwhl - Billet Speakers
    joel - SE push bike Resto

    The poll is expired.

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    There were multiple posts and way too many pictures to list here. Please refer to the nomination thread for additional pictures and details on each project:


      6's Trailer

      Originally Posted by 6 View Post
      I used fence board for the deck and sides.. I used some angle steel to lock them in place.
      IMG_20210222_164437.jpg​ Same for the removable gate..


      I took the project as a good time to work on my welds. Tried to weld it as clean as I could.


      Bought some wheels of Amazon. I can't make those. Same with tires..

      It's ready to roll out. I had to go measure the hitch hight on his tractor, I did that this week. All that is left is the hitch.



        BillnOroville (like a true gentleman) asked to bow out as he had sold the bike before voting began.


          Riot - my son's ebike:

          Originally Posted by riot View Post
          Since it came up: My kids ebike battery:

          I bought my son a first-gen Kuberg Trial E, second hand about 3 years ago. Naturally, the chinese lead acid batteries died, and being the Tim Allen type motorcycle guy that I am, I had to improve it!

          After stupidly watching too many YouTube project videos, I built a shade-tree battery spot welder, out a couple batteries from WalMart. In initial testing it performed well enough, so I proceeded with the project. I would not recommend this approach! Yeah, a couple spot welds are OK, but the thing was really finicky, requiring constant adjustment, and when you are doing 100 welds, it gets old...

          Anyway, I soldiered on.

          40 Samsung INR25R cells, a cheap Annpower BMS. plus a pretty shabby home made plastic case, and my son now has a rocket!

          I modded the bike with an air shock that I can adjust for his (very light) weight, and upgraded the brakes to hydraulic (it uses all mountain bike parts). The bike lost 15 pounds, and can go twice as far on a charge (so far) than before.

          What I would really recommend however, 100% ebike is the way for kids in motorcycles is. It has an adjustable speed, so I can set anything between 0-20mph (easy switch for getting my daughter on it). Mainly though the silence means that rather than packing up for the track, we can just go shred the local park, which is fine for their current skill level.

          20210124_162712.jpg 20210208_130024.jpg 20210124_162721.jpg 20210413_084052.jpg 20210425_114521.jpg


            Yoshihn's Vespa Resto:

            Originally Posted by Yoshihns View Post
            Finished a Vespa ET2. Salvage auction. Stripped to parts back in 2019 and had it sitting for a while waiting for my bodyshop guy to decide to work on it. Finally gave up and found someone else. I set time and started on it this summer and finished it this fall.

            Sitting next to the twin.


              75GL1000's sweet CBX:

              Originally Posted by 75GL1000 View Post
              My CBX Covid Build
              I started this in 2019, It was definitely nice to have the extra covid time to work on her and had it finished the end of summer 2020.
              My stock CBX was a joy to ride, but It was lacking in suspension rear shock blown out/ forks pitted, also wanted a better braking system. I was able to get a gsxr roller from a friend who uses the engines for legend car builds. I got everything loosely fitted up and definitely had some help from my fabricator Dr. John to make some new swingarm bushings and get rear shock mounted at the correct ride height. The biggest hick-up was the re-aligning the chain/sprockets, Mark Patridge of Patridge gears did me a solid a made me a custom inboard steel sprocket, I just had to stock his garage with 12 cases of white-claws for the summer haha. Im very happy how it came out, the updated parts ended up working out great and I absolutely love riding this bike.

              There are many more thumbnails on the original thread!


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                flyinelvis delivers another brilliant Honda:

                Originally Posted by flyinelvis View Post


                  bk94si's z3 M!

                  Originally Posted by bk94si View Post
                  Here's mine. 2000 BMW M Roadster. I had to do the brakes, clutch line, seat belt guide, glove box, rattle canned the bumper and wheels and mirrors, replaced badges, new stereo. Currently at the paint shop getting the hood repainted.



                    wildwhl's billet speakers:



                    Many more pictures of the process in the original thread:

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                      last but not least:

                      joel's pushbike resto:

                      Originally Posted by joel View Post
                      I did a motor swap in my Spyder...twice...and while it was torn apart installed new suspension,a complete new exhaust,every new accessory except AC compressor. I thought it would be fun but the second time made me hate everything about taking it on and spending so freaking much.

                      I needed something much,much more simple after that and tore down my 11 year old bicycle for a refresh


                        What an awesome month. As much as i really wanted to vote for my trailer, as much work as it was... I couldnt. I couldn't even put it in the top 5.

                        That fucking CBX is just too cool.
                        Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


                          I'm writing a screenplay "Being Chopped Liver". IMG-6586.jpg


                            Originally Posted by riot View Post
                            75GL1000's sweet CBX:

                            There are many more thumbnails on the original thread!


                            $$$ were spent......


                              Originally Posted by behindthetimes View Post

                              $$$ were spent......
                              And well spent!!

                              Whomever voted for my trailer, thank you!!! I appreciate the pity vote. Buy I'm a D2 rider in a D1 main here hahah.

                              What a group of killers.
                              Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.