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Sept/Oct HOTM = High Mileage Hawks --> Voting

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  • Sept/Oct HOTM = High Mileage Hawks --> Voting

    6's Daisy Hawk
    ggdav's speedometer in km
    Bobman555 Red Hawk at 67k
    Hawkati's magazine 400

    The poll is expired.

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    6's Daisy Hawk:


    Originally Posted by 6
    Ok. This month I would again like to enter the Daisy Hawk... (I'ma keep doing it till it wins something).

    She shows 20,652 on the clocks. Impressed? I figured you would be.

    Now, although we are unsure what hawk originally did those 20k, I'm very certain that if you where to add up the miles from all the bikes that contributed their parts to this hawk its true mileage is over a million.

    In the last three years ALONE we have put between 15 to 20 miles a year on it!!! Racking those bad boys up!! Plus ALL of those miles where done on top of this hill. Yes sir they where. So those are all "High" miles. Every last one. 2k ft altitude at least!

    But wait, there's more!

    Before we moved here and before the bike needed a tank swap, thus repaint, it was used as a commuter. During that time we lived seacoast NH, where although at sea level, I was traveling exclusively at high speed!! (That has to count....)
    So this beautiful little 20k mile Hawk (that's had more hours put into bodywork than riding in the last few years) has done exclusively high miles for the last half decade or so.

    Yes, yes she has folks.

    So with that I would like to submit her for the high miles HOTM.

    She is a ground up Piston Pit South build with some tasteful mods and is borrowing a Penske from the race bike atm.
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      ggdav's speedometer

      Originally Posted by ggdav
      My apologies. I was way off with the 78000. It's 72969. My daily rider to work. Up and down Mt Tambourine most weekends too. But I'm starting to get scared riding it at any kind of speed. The longer it goes without something breaking, the closer I get to something breaking. I'm about to strip it down and give it a freshen up

      Note: His bike is in kilometres because Aussie.


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        Bobman955's Red:

        Originally Posted by Bobman955
        Got the bike at 50k, I'm up to 67k miles on original speedo, busted the trip meter a while ago. It's been my only vehicle for the last 2-3 years, daily commuter/grocery getter/everything. Longest trip was taking Hwy 1 up the coast of california from SD to Arcata and back, spread out over a week.

        It was stolen out of my driveway in Feb this year, cops found it a few days after with a bunch of parts stripped and wiring torn up, bought a cheap headlight/ignition set/other random parts on ebay to get it road worthy again but still needs a lot of work..

        Speaking of, if anyone has an oem ignition available let me know, had to dremel bits off this ebay one to make it fit.

        Thanks to the guy that stopped by my work (after seeing it parked) and told me about the HOTM, I didnt catch your name I'm sorry. Will post better/more detailed pics tonight/tomorrow.


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          Hawkati's not really an entry but pretty awesome anyway:

          Originally Posted by hawkati
          filedata/fetch?id=948471&d=1633079640&type=thumb Ah - I can't claim this since I no longer own it but I racked up 103,000 miles in one year despatching on a 400 bros. After I jacked in that line of work I barely rode at all for a year and sold it with about 107,000 miles on the clocks.
          Here it is, pictured titting about at a performance bikes v twins frenzy, croft, 1999


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              Originally Posted by riot

              Yeah! Come-on you guys … give this thread a click … VOTE! ( It’s Free!)
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                I have a mk2 pgm , owned since 2001 and now done 272k .. original engine only just got removed due to outputshaft wear .. I’ve known the bike since 1996 and from 30k . A friend of mine dispatched it for 4 years before I brought it and used it daily .. engine still made 51hp before I removed it ..
                it’s now undergoing some much needed love
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                  A few more . Clocks are on 3rd time round .. also if you eagle eyed look at original post . Your see it’s run a quickshifter for past 60k too ..
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