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Nov-Dec HOTM Voting!

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    Nov-Dec HOTM Voting!

    A pair of be-a-utiful hawks understandably scared off any other challengers for this month.

    While that makes setting up the poll easy, which to choose certainly won't be!

    Vote for your favorite!

    Voting ends 12-31

    ricksax = red hot 89!
    DrPMC = supermod dry-clutch XRV Bros

    The poll is expired.


    Originally Posted by ricksax View Post
    Here's Yetta the 1989 Hawk for your consideration as HOTM.
    - Fresh engine from flyinelvis
    - Fuel exhaust
    - Polished engine cases
    - Eric's frame sliders
    - F 16 stock / R 41 Vortex aluminum, sprockets
    - Polished stock bars
    - ASV adjustable levers
    - Napoleon bar end mirrors
    - Ebay "cruiser clock"
    - Racetech springs and gold valve emulators
    - CB600 F2 front wheel, white; Dunlop Roadsmart III 120
    - Tokico three pot front caliper with Lenac adapter, EBC Pro Lite rotor
    - Reshaped front fender
    - Aluminum radiator
    - Billet gas filler
    - Honda ST1300 tank pad
    - Targa side panels
    - Corbin seat
    - WPS Featherweight battery, Rick's rectifier/regulator
    - Fox twin clicker rear shock, rebuilt
    - Rear brake line through swingarm, wwresto aluminum brake stay
    - Fiberglass hugger
    - Modified rear spindle, wwresto
    - VFR800 five spoke rear wheel, white; Dunlop Roadsmart III 170
    - wwresto Tail Tidy
    and some other little stuff.

    Hawk GT650 Right MED.jpg

    Hawk GT650 Bars MED.jpg

    Clean Shifter MED.jpg



      Originally Posted by DrPMC View Post
      Also for your consideration, is my 1988 Bros. I’ve owned it since 2004 but it hadn’t been on the road for about ten years up to 2019. That year I bought a small milling machine and that inspired me to drag the bike out of its resting place and sort it out. Since then I’ve replaced or modified almost all of it. That said, I’ve tried to respect the line or spirit of the original design.

      The main mods:
      Engine: XRV750 engine bored out to 760cc with high compression JE pistons, stage one type gas flow (by me) and experimental dry clutch.
      Exhaust: Standard pipes and a Fuel race can (with a bit to quieten it down)
      Carbs: Standard carbs with homemade adaptors to take aluminium bell mouths, Mikuni vacuum fuel pump
      Front Suspension: ZXR400 forks and yokes with bottom yoke fitted with NT650 steering stem.
      Front Brake: Tokico 6 piston calliper on standard front disc, with homemade adaptor, Brembo radial lever
      Front light/Fairing: Simpson Detour Predator, with quick release Dzus fasteners
      Instruments: cheapo tachometer/speedo on homemade mounting with rubber bushing, VDO temperature gauge, big red oil pressure disaster light
      Wheels: NT650 Mk2 three spoke wheels
      Rear Brake: 2 piston Brembo with homemade adaptor, torque arm etc.
      Seat: Fabian single seat with homemade foam upholstery, attached with four stainless Dzus fasteners.
      Electrical things: Home brewed keyless ignition, lithium type battery in seat hump.
      Rear suspension: YSS shock
      Mudguards: carbon ZXR400 front, modified Triumph hugger.
      Tank: standard, with modified quick-release mounts and dry-break fuel line.
      Other stuff: Homemade chain oiler system with electric pump and aluminium tank, pipe through swinging arm; blue silicon water hoses; underseat area cleared up, homemade aluminium licence plate bracket; homemade rear brake lever and gear lever; homemade titanium side stand; homemade aluminium and Teflon chain roller; Fabian type belly pan with homemade aluminium brackets and Dzus fasteners; homemade aluminium disc lock holder; homemade iPhone holder; fake Ohlins damper with homemade brackets, homemade engine oil filler; homemade aluminium chain guard and front sprocket guard; fasteners are almost all stainless steel or titanium.
      Paint: Mostly original Honda on tank, otherwise spray can gloss black

      6D5F54A4-8452-4B53-870B-5BE48D7F8BD3.jpg 40C16AAC-2A80-4CA2-8FAF-86DCD86BF91F.jpg B9001C22-025B-4CF1-B8F0-C1A52022532D.jpg 52D44916-B631-4CD1-BF3A-AD0AC08D10E5.jpg


      I'll also direct you to DrPMC's Dry Clutch thread, which is an inspiring bit of handiwork to say the least:

      I don’t know about you, but I’ve always liked the look of a dry clutch on a racing engine. There is also the noise, a la Ducati - exhaust is booming away, clutch is tinkling… I had wondered about doing this for ages and then saw it done by Allen Millyard on one of his videos (for a Honda 6 racer replica he


        Good luck to each of you, and no matter who wins, you should both be proud! These are some choice examples of the species!


          This is TOUGH.
          1988 "BlackHawk" project
          1989 "RallyHawk" is Chuck's now!
          1988 "The Gray" Tempest Gray Metallic stocker

          I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
          People who know ride Hawks. Riot


            Originally Posted by riot View Post
            Good luck to each of you, and no matter who wins, you should both be proud! These are some choice examples of the species!
            Couldn’t say it better! These are both primo rides!
            Bi-Coastal U.S.A.: Los Angeles, CA and Long Island, NY


              Low entry but HIGH quality hotm. Haha
              Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


                Originally Posted by 6 View Post
                Low entry but HIGH quality hotm. Haha
                You ain’t kidding!
                Flock of Hawks | '13 Tacoma | '69 Falcon (currently getting reassembled!)
                I've spent most of my money on women, beer, cars and motorcycles. The rest of it I just wasted.


                  I'm just hoping to come in second.


                    Originally Posted by ricksax View Post
                    I'm just hoping to come in second.
                    It would be a very well earned podium.
                    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.



                      Something is telling me that a bunch of Hawkers missed placing a vote ....
                      Bi-Coastal U.S.A.: Los Angeles, CA and Long Island, NY


                        2 more days! Get your votes in!
                        Eric Y.
                        Yuzon Designworks