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July/August 2022 BOTM Voting!

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  • July/August 2022 BOTM Voting!

    VOTE! The poll closes Sept 10th or so...
    ThePanda = Nice Red Modder (for sale!)
    joel = Red with lefty and Ohlins
    Captain 80s = Blue and black modder
    Hexenwulf = Grey with Kosman (because 6 said so)
    Root = Late entry track bike

    The poll is expired.

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    Originally Posted by ThePanda
    I'll submit mine to the HOTM!!!! It's been so long I never got a chance to submit mine originally.

    1988 Honda Hawk GT, 14550 miles. Owned since late 2000s.
    - Stage Two Carb with foam filters
    - Ohlins rear shock
    - MotoGadget Motoscope Light (mounted by handmade custom fiberglass 5-ply mount)
    - TBR left exit full exhaust
    - Frame sliders with TBR adapter
    - VFR750 8-spoke Rear wheel
    - CBR600RR Front End (2007) - (install by myself and a friend (pictures in build thread below, with tons of advice from oldies here especially El Capitan and melmsrt4)
    - relocated choke to left side on frame
    - "infamous" Couch upholstered seat
    - handlebar sliders (one installed, other in the box)
    - Handlebar mirrors one installed (one installed, other in box)
    - License plate holder is an aluminum here from someone on the forum.
    - New clutch cover made by someone in this forum (old one was not there)

    Tires are Pirelli Angel GT
    - front: 120/70 ZR17
    - rear: 180/55 ZR17

    See my build post here:

    Pretty shots:


    Respect for the detailed write up and pictures!


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      joel = he's so rich, he can afford the umlaut!

      Originally Posted by joel
      Only because it’s also a red Hawk with a left exit exhaust,Íhlins shock and USD front end.


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        Captain 80s = We know this guy doesn't f around:

        Originally Posted by Captain 80s
        Bike is not finished. Mod is done, Resto next year. I want to ride it some before it's torn completely down. (Pics are crap, sorry)


        1992 VFR750F front wheel. CB-1 right lower fork leg with caliper mounting holes relocated for the larger disc. Race Tech springs and Cartridge Emulators. CBR600F3 calipers with stainless lines.

        Custom headlight relocation brackets to move the headlight down and forward. It allowed me to put the cowl where I wanted (plus clear the gauges) and made room for the cables, wires and brakes lines with the lower F2 bars.

        I made sub-harnesses to extend where the handlebar switch assemblies normally plug in to up behind the headlight so I could more easily run switch assemblies of my choice. These are just some temporary VFR units. Later will be individual throttle housing (RC51/VTR1000F) and Honda kill/starter switch. (Front master sight glass is stained... the fluid doesn't look like that)


        Moved the Fuse Box from under the headlight to the right where the Reg/Rect normally lives with another custom sub-harness. I sourced another fuse box bracket to bolt onto the inner fender, so it still unscrews and drops down for fuse access just like when it was up-front. This also allows the brake res hose to tuck up higher for a cleaner look in that area. Small bracket from the fuse box to the subframe to hold the weight of the battery box. Fuel Cut Relay over ride switch. I also trimmed the inner fender where the fuel pump used to live, but left a center section to protect the shock. Really cleaned that area up nicely.

        Fuel pump has been moved to behind the air box (with a K&N filter) Totally hidden and clears the tank easily.


        Reg/Rect now lives under the seat. Mounted on collars so it's not sitting directly on the plastic.

        Bungee posts have been shaved, but I wanted to retain the factory seat latch. W/W Resto license bracket.

        Custom rear set relocation brackets. Rear sets modified to accept CBR style pegs. YSS shock. When the bike gets torn down I will run the rear brake line thru the swingarm. 1995 VFR rear wheel. The front fender has been modified to be a bit smaller but still retains the original shape.

        Well that's about it I suppose. Nothing earth shattering, but it's a blast to ride, handles great and runs perfect. The Full D&D sounds amazing but is not obnoxious. I know the brakes are overkill (and un-sprung weight), but I really wanted the distinctive NT rotors and I'm not really a fan of a blank spot on a 2-rotor wheel. I was going for a stock-ish look, but also wanted to make people that are somewhat familiar with Hawks do a double take.

        Final color will likely be a Silver with Metallic Gray / Red pinstripe outlined graphics. The engine will be blacked out and the valve covers red.

        Thanks for looking. And thanks for the help.


        Edit: Well... shit. I only get 5 attachments.



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          Originally Posted by 6
          That about that grey one?
          Hexenwulf with Kosman widened wheels:

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            The only things that aren’t cookie cutter on my red Hawk are I’m using a GPS speedo in the stock housing,mounted to an LSL 954 top triple

            Marchesini fuel cap I got in Italy a long time just because I didn’t know anybody else who had one

            Billet reservoir holder from the ancient days of the Hawklist

            The bike story is that someone on the list had seen an abandoned Hawk in a snowbank. Someone gave the Hawk a home but did nothing with it for 15 years. I was going to just get it running and do a $1000 brakes,tires,carbs,YSS shock overhaul to have a rider Hawk I didn’t care about…then I broke into the parts stash ‍♂️


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              Roots late entry (I guess):

              Originally Posted by Root
              My current track Hawk, street Hawk is in iteration 2


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                Here's an updated image of my Hawk.



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                  Originally Posted by Hexenwulf
                  Here's an updated image of my Hawk.
                  Looks awesome!


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                    When the last time we had a 3 way tie!!!

                    Nail biter!
                    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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                      Originally Posted by 6
                      When the last time we had a 3 way tie!!!

                      Nail biter!
                      The Suspense!!