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2023 April/May HOTM = Regular Hawk of the Month

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  • 2023 April/May HOTM = Regular Hawk of the Month

    Lets just do a natural Hawk of the Month. Any new builds out there?

    Photos must represent recent/current state of the bike.

    Remember, photography matters!

    Nominations to close May15, with voting after.

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    "regular" "natural"-- do you actually mean stock?
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      Any Hawk (stock or modified), but only Honda Hawk GTs this time. We’ve been doing lots of alternative concepts like cars other bikes etc., so just bringing it back to roots this month.

      Sorry for any confusion.


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        At the track


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          Originally Posted by JackalHack

          Cool! You could kick out the bottom of your front number plate a little so it's more "cowl" and less "wall".
          "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"


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            Originally Posted by Captain 80s

            Cool! You could kick out the bottom of your front number plate a little so it's more "cowl" and less "wall".
            Yeah, I had it better when I had the clipons slightly higher - still a work in progress here... I am not the best at fabbing brackets but I can make it work.


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              Spencer's Superbike came to mind...

              "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"


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                Here is another entry for HOTM.
                Decided to give my 89 a bath today. It looked so good, I took some pictures. Bought it in 2016 and now has 27906 miles so I put 13957 miles on it over the years. Added a used front Kosman Wheel with new rotor, ss brake line and adjustable hand lever, frame sliders from forum member, WW tail tidy, Hord did a fork kit and Penske shock for me. I rebuilt the eccentric and did pod filters, Fuel slip on, and rejetted. Put on a corban seat, thermae radiator, a fan override switch and simple wind screen and changed the grips and I like to polish things. All was done a few years ago. Never sits more than 30 days without going on a ride. In better weather I ride it 2 or 3 times a month around the area especially on day rides in the mountains. It has never quit, so keeping it till I can't ride anymore.



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                  Looking nice bill!
                  Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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                    Originally Posted by JackalHack
                    At the track.
                    Right where they belong. . . Awesome!
                    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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                      Got my bike finally done hoping to win the hawk of the month 1988 hawk with the special color and the red seat on vfr front and rear wheels 20230508_172247.jpg
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                        Well, well, well...

                        That's not your grandmother's Honda anymore.

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                          Love the Timmy's dispenser!


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                            Being a second generation hawker, I know the source of that inspiration.
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                              Wait... is that Brent's kid then?
                              1988 "BlackHawk" project
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