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Silly footpegs, aftermarket is for trix

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    Silly footpegs, aftermarket is for trix

    Hi all,

    Quick question regarding the foot pegs. Anyone have any suggestions/links to where I can buy some good footpegs that fit the Hawk? I'm tired of catching my pants leg on those stupid rubber pegs and also the bolt-heads underneath are a little worn from scraping too much.

    I just want something that looks more streamlined and not too bulky without losing grip. Thanks.
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    - LED Rear indicators

    Yeah, is that a standard size or something? Can we just blindly slap on a billet footpeg and it'll be right? I was about to buy two pair - front and rear - from eBay.
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      Pretty sure you can, might need to grind the little part that fits on the rearsets down to fit, but I think they're bretty much standard.

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        I've got F2 front foot pegs on my Hawk. They required a small amount of filing, but work great.


          Could we possibly have a pic please. It's actually a safety issue, those stock pegs will either dig in or make contact with a manhole and have you off.

          As trick as they look, I'd rather not spend $200 on a set of woodcrafts.



            Here's the pic with F2 foot pegs. In the back ground that is a 916 cf chain guard (it requires a little bit of trimming).



              Thanks for that Raz,
              This thread has a few pics of the Woodcraft rearsets.
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                I have Hawk passenger pegs front & rear on mine- a bit of grinding to have them sit level, but I like them. Also, no spring to return them to horizontal, so you can leave them folded up vertical in the garage if you like.