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pod questions.

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    pod questions.

    i have a couple small questions about filter pods...

    1. what do i do about the carb diaphragm vent? i have the piece from the old filter box, but it doesnt have any filter foam or anything.. (see pics below)

    2. carb bowl vents.... its ok to just T them and run them down to the bottom of the bike like an overflow, right?

    3. previously ive only used K&N filters... they required filter oil. the pods i have are "dry".. theres obviously no oil on them.... shouldnt they have filter oil?

    carb vents:

    vent thingy:

    The carb diaphragm vents get plumbed together into each end of a smaller filter using PVC tubing and fittings. The top of the rear valve cover also gets a separate filter. See picture below. I not sure if the carb bowl vents had anything to do with the stock airbox to begin with, so I left them alone.
    another thing to consider when using pod filters is the venturi inlet gets lost. The OEM rubber airbox boots 'stepped in' and had a smooth path for the air. The UNIs leave a step, as they clamp on the outside of the carb. Does anyone know a solution for this? Does someone sell insertable turned venturi rings?

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      i read on the FAQ that some people have taken the venturi inlet sections out of the stock airbox (they're "glued" in.. not molded in) and put the pod over them..

      while i realize that the air would be more ideal i also know from experience with other engines it will not be a problem. the bellmouth on the end is mostly there to straighten the air entering the carb... providing a more consistent vacuum signal, and therefore, you can do the fueling more accurately.

      if you really wanted to go thru the effort, figure out the intake length you need and run a bellmouthed velocity stack... then you would actually gain some power from the effort. not from the air going "straighter" into the carb, but from the effect of resonance tuning.


        When I had my carbs off to clean them I put a radius on the inside to smooth air-flow, if id did any good, Im not to sure.

        I used UNI filter oil on my new UNI's, I have heard you can also use gear oil.
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          My Hawk has UNIs on it from the PO. They just took the carb vent hoses and put some pantyhose on the ends with zipties. My bike runs fine like that...ya know, when other stuff isn't breaking.
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