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    rear shock

    i got a parts lot off ebay the other day and the person said the shock was from a hawk.

    i have another shock from my first bike. that has a shock with a remote resivour. could it be my original hawk allready had the 900 mod??

    this new shock (w/ no res) looks to have the same spring. has my original hawk spring.

    but i bought a 900 shock awile back and never did the mod and that shock body has diffrent looking damping adjustment

    so my first guess is that i have
    1)100% stock hawk shock
    2)hawk spring with 900 shock assembled
    3)100% stock 900 shock (wich is probably the wrong year)

    i got #3 when i didnt know it has to be the older shocks

    is it possable to do the mod with the wrong year 900 shock?
    that would be nice. run that on the track bike untill i can aford real suspension.

    man when i bought that bike back in 2001 i didnt have a clue what the bike was let alone what it had. still finding out it was a badass hawk
    i do remember the guy told me he never touched the engine so there shouldnt be any more surprizes. lucky me all the surprizes i have found are good ones.

    i will post some pics tonight to show you what im dealing with.
    1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51

    The remote res are the 900rr shocks.

    Not sure what else you wanna know.
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