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iridium tiped spark plugs

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    iridium tiped spark plugs

    Are they really worth the money? I was just reading this link and thinking about swapping them out

    I only put new ones in about 6 months ago and don't really want to do it again (I hate that one in the front cylinder value cover). I notice that no one seem to talk about them on this site, is there a reason for this?

    as a spark plug is used, the electrodes wear out.. eventually the gap becomes too large.. or the plug fouls out.

    with modern cars, the engine management system makes fouling a plug is unlikely to happen.... so the limiting factor in how long you can use a plug is how long it lasts.

    platinum plugs allowed manufacturers to go from 50,000 service intervals to 80 or even 100k... iridium plugs are just the continuance of that trend.

    they dont provide any benefits to us, since we change our plugs more frequently, and ride less miles.

    the smaller contact points, while providing a more consistent spark, also foul out easier due to their smaller size... now on a hawk, thats not a huge issue, since as long as one plug per cyl fires, it can sometimes "clean up" the other one... but still, its another reason most bikes or other carburated vehicles dont use it.

    then theres the price... less then two dollars for a regular NGK that will last a LONG time... or $6-7+ for a plug that offers no performance benefit to us.


      Thanks for that

      Thanks for that Hawk specific explanation, it has made up my mind