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    Bros choke plunger

    Hi all the choke on my bros is not working since i bought it last year. so i was changing the clutchabd choke cable today. To make along story short. When i removed the choke cable. The manual states that the choke plunger should have a neddle on the end. But there was none. I don;t know if it is still in the carbs. Hope not. I don't think i am up to taking them apart. It is a 90 Bros NT 400 L. Can anyone let me know if the neddle should be on the end of the plunger

    The end of the cable has a metal lump pressed around. The needle is of course pointy at the front, and the backend has a pocket for the lump and a slot behind for the cable. A small spring fits between the back of the needle on a shoulder, and the cable end at the other end. The cable end is a black plastic threaded bit with knurls for finger-adjusting. It is VERY easy to accidently and unknowingly disturb the spring, have the needle fall of the end, and the spring leave the cable right after it. The PO may have done this if you dont have the mentioned parts at all. You should be able to see the needle body if it is still in the carb. It cant fall in and get lost.
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