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How bad is your speedo?

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    How bad is your speedo?

    My speedometer is way off. I know that is a fault of the stock bike but I seem to be even more off. I keep up with traffic in a 40 MPH zone at 60 to 70 MPH on my speedo. I know people speed it that far off? My front tire is a 110-70 not 110-80. Would that make that much difference? Is there any way to fix it? I kinda want to know how fast I am really going. If I am speeding I want to know it. I also melted away my rear fender with a 150-70 tire. New rear spring needed? I am a light guy. I do tend to punch it though.
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    I think mine is off by about 10(indicating 10 above actual) at 50mph and it gets worse the faster I go.


      I think mine was off by around 7mph at 60, but when it reads 100mph I am still doing around 90 so it doesn't go too far as I go faster.
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        depend on how the speedo is driven on that bike
        if its like the hawk the front wheel drives it

        but there are engine driven ones and that means it could be a number of things thowing it off

        sprocket garing
        rear tire size
        some silly engine mod (like that bike needs more power)

        tire size will only make it off by 5 mph at the most (from what i understand)

        if the speedo is anolog not much you can do exept making everthing stock specs again or aftermarket speedo
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          Really, if you have your stock speedo/cable/gear the only things to throw it off are front tire size, or mechanical problems with the system itself.

          Rear tire/engine/gearing etc. do not affect the speedo reading.

          Its a simple system in which the wheel spins the gear at the hub, the gear spins the cable, which is inserted into the speedo which "translates" the speed of cable spin into travel speed displayed on the dial.
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            didnt even look at the name on the post. i just took a quik glance at the picture and thought you where deadlego

            1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51