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RC51 front and the Fork lock....

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    RC51 front and the Fork lock....

    well, last night i realized that my fork lock doesn't work..

    i never looked closely at a fork lock before, but it appears that this pin sticks out whenever the lock cylinder is turned to the locked position.

    looking at the frame casting in that area, im assuming that this pin should go to the side of the protruding nub cast into the frame...

    is this correct?

    because if it is, i think i need to drill part of that casting to allow the Hawk locking pin (that is now mounted on RC51 triples) to lock the wheel to the side.

    anyone done this before?

    no but i know what your talking about i was looking at that "dove tail" looking nub the other day and couldnt figure out what it was for. thanks for the info i wont cut it off now.
    1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


      note for anyone intrested....

      cutting that tab is exactly what you need to do...
      first, install your steering stops and set them... then turn the forks to full lock. (i only did the full left turn lock)

      take the headlight off, and you should be able to look carefully and see the pin when the key is pressed toward the lock position.

      use a sharpie to mark where its at.

      take off the ignition switch/lock (you dont need to undo the wires.)

      take off the top plate of the triple.. (its just two bolts and the nut)

      using a grinder/dremel/saw/teeth/cat/mouse/pocketknife or a sharp rock, cut the locking tab so that the pin can fit next to it...

      i finished the edges of it with a sanding drum on my dremel, so its nice and smooth.

      put it all back together, and you should have it locking on the stop....

      now when you park your RC51 forked Hawk, noone can just roll away with it.... atleast, they cant do it easily. lol


        this is how the untouched bars turned full right lock looks:

        and this is how the left lock looks after modding to fit the RC51 triple: