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Anyone used the airtech fairings?

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    Anyone used the airtech fairings?

    I was looking at this to replace my busted plastic and keep the stock look for my seat cowl thats coming.

    Has anyone used one of these?

    Are the tabs up top thick enough to use the stock rubber mounts?

    Are there still pegs at the bottom to fit the rubber grommets on the passenger pegs?

    whats with that little triangle sticking down? is that for a numberplate? or IS that part of a numberplate??


      From what I understand, the triangle is to give enough real estate to 'wrap' standard-sized numbers over the tail section if you want to do so for racing.

      No, there are no taabs at all on the inside to go into the rubber grommets on the subframe and pass. peg mounts. Dont know if ther upper holes are the same thickness or not, but they better be fairly strong, as thats the only thing holding the silly thing on!!
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        Could have used this one:-
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          Originally Posted by JR
          Could have used this one:-

          I just ordered one of the seat cowls from Germany so I want to keep the stock seat on there for now. I'll probably end up safety wiring my plastic to the mounts if I can't get a good replacement.