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Wiring question - blinkers

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    Wiring question - blinkers

    I need some help. My left front blinker has not been working for a while. Tonight I traced the wiring back from the blinker to the connections behind the headlight and all is intact. There were some old connectors from the Honda wiring side to the blinker side so I replaced those with new connectors (crimped). By the way, the right side works fine. After messing around the wiring a bit, trying to spot any problems, the rear left blinker stops working as well. Now both will not flash (clicking noise is still there). I have tried using the working bulb from the right side on the left to no avail.

    Am I missing something, ask me questions if you need more info. I hate riding with one side not working, at least before tonight I had both on the rear, whoops.


    you definitely have a couple loose connections. Had this problem myself right after installing aftermarket blinkers.
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      Is there a cheap way to test whether or not the bulb housing is getting power? I guess I need to suck it up and buy a multimeter.


        yes you need a multimeter... but from your description, i would suspect you have a bad ground to the bulb...

        i donno if it'll help ya, but heres your wiring diagram (rightclick and save it)


          A test light is cheaper than a multimeter, but a multimeter is nice have anyway.
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