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Hawk gearing

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    Hawk gearing

    I am considering a slightly larger rear sprocket.

    I have heard mention of mechanical issues with changing stock gearing. Along the lines of more torque on the countershaft, etc.

    Does anyone know about this?

    What seems to work for lower gearing 1 tooth, 2? I have no problem giving up some to end, or having the bike a little buzzy at cruising speed.
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    Surely putting a larger sprocket on the rear will reduce the amount of work needed to be done by the engine therefore slightly lowering the load the drive shaft is put under?
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      Ive just bought a 45 tooth rear sprocket from Hord.
      TBH a tooth either way isnt going to hurt anything in the driveline at all.
      Totally agree about the top speed thing. Trying to hang onto a naked bike at high speed aint fun!



        i ran a 15 front and i think a 44-45 rear for years and loved that gearing set-up.

        last time i changed sprockets i used a 16 front and hated how the bike acted off the line and lost about 5-10 mph off the top end.

        me, i ran a 15 front and played with the rear 44-45 before i found my favorite set-up. it took me 2-3 rear srockets before i found what i liked.
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