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How to replace Tire Valve Stem?

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    How to replace Tire Valve Stem?

    I've been getting a little frustrated with the difficulty of putting air in the rear tire--how I have to bend the compressor nozzle tube at the gas station just so to fit it on the valve and clear the brake disc. Especially because this tire is a slow leaker (+- 3lb/day). So, hoping to kill two birds with one stone, I got a 90-degree valve stem from Dennis Kirk (
    and would like to put it on. It looks simple enough, like all you need to do is deflate the tire, loosen the locknut and unscrew the old stem, screw in and lock down the new one, reinflate. But having never done this before, I thought I'd ask here this something better left in the hands of a shop?[/img]

    AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

    are you talking about a hawk?
    hawk rims dont have a threaded valve steam

    in order to replace the hole valve steam you will need to remove the tire from the rim. you might be able to just break the bead on one side and slide it in, never tried that.

    but replacing a valve steam requires you to insert it into the rim from the outside (tire side) of the rim. there is also the valve core that can leak and that is threaded on...

    if you can post a picture of what you got it will help us, help you.
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      These need to have the tire removed, as the nut shown has to be tightened down on the inside of the rim. It may be possible to do it with one side of the tire pulled off, but at that point, pulling it all the way off would be easier.

      BTW, I'd never seen these before. I think I'll get one for my front wheel. It's a real bitch to get at. Thanks
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        ooo ok cool, i never sean those either.

        i wounder if they seal has good has the regular ones do?
        1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


          I'm sure they would, my cars all have the screw together valve stems.
          A Honda amongst a sea of Harleys


            Nice little movie there jaysunOne!
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              Threaded Valve Stem on Rear Wheel

              On my Hawk, the stem is threaded. Here is a picture:


                How do you turn on HTML? and How do you attach images?

                I've been trying to do both but am not having any luck. How do you guys manage to add images to your posts? My image is on Yahoo, with permissions set to Public (anyone can view). But when I look at my post here, I just see the HTML code. I can see that HTML is turned OFF, but I can't find a place to turn it on (Clicking the OFF link doesn't do anything)...

                I'm on a Mac, using Firefox as my browser. I'll try using BBCode here:



                  Closer...but still not right

                  Well, that at least gives a working link...but how do you just make the image show in the message?

                  One other do I get rid of that tag beneath my picture that says "Hawk GTs are cool"? I think they are, but I don't want that on every post...


                    Keep posting... it'll change as your post count goes higher...

                    As for embedded images... I don't believe that yahoo allows you to remote link to an image.

                    Sign up for a account and put your images there.