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    WTB Rearsets


    So I'm getting a little tired of my little rubber I'm in the market for some decent rearsets.

    Anyone have suggestions on where I can get soem rearsets for less than $300? It seems everywhere I look, I only see $300 sets. That's almost a new exhaust system.

    Can anyone please help? Maybe I'm just being a scrooge but I just think that $300 is way too much to move your foot pegs up and back about an inch. Are there any alternatives like adapter plates?

    Thanks all.
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    You can make a set of plates with some aluminum plate pretty easily. There is a picture and small write up on Greg Dunn's page.

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      Ross!! Thanks for that link. I was in the same spot as Yella, but i was just gunna wing it and try to figure it out on my own/ask a couple local riders.
      You are full of good info man.


        Thanks, I'd like to think that my many years of lurking on different message boards was helpful.
        A Honda amongst a sea of Harleys


          Ahh damn, I was just looking for that writeup and it seems as if it has moved or was re-moved. I poked around Greg's site a little but didnt find it..Anyone know where it went??


            I found a pic here

            Custom Rearset plates. I hand made these, they are 4 position adjustable. The left one has an integral chain roller. They are 3.8" 6061 aluminum and a very strong.
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              Anyone know what footpegs are stuck in there? They look just like the emgo ones i passed up on at the track $22 for the pair
              They would have needed a fair amount of grinding for them to fit though.


                I am most likley going to be designing and manufacturing some rearsets for the hawk...I have waited quite some time for the hiperform varants to become a reality and still nothing, all respect given to Rod...but i cant wait forever..i even offerd to quote him on making them for him, (i am a machinist with 6 CNC mills at my disposal) and i know we could have been competative because i would have ran them on my own time so that takes a chunk out of the labor costs, but , that being said, i have heard have a nice brand spanking new install of SolidWorks on my home PC and i will be working out a prototype very shortly ...I plan on the works...

                Full Adjustablity
                Cartridge bearings
                Anodizing will be doing mine in black
                I plan on using Vortex's aggresive style pegs....if they are workable, if not i can make them myself, just a bitch to setup the Haas rotab...but doable.....

                I may have a working 3D rendering by this weekend, and you guys can give me some feedback on key features you would like to see.....I dont wanna spend 300 bones on rearsets when i am perfectly capable of making them myself...hell if we can make this >>>>

                rearsets should not be an issue
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                  can't wait to see what you come up with!
                  It's scary how slow I am!

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                    Woodcraft CFM @
                    Established in 1996, Woodcraft Technologies, Inc. designs and sells some of the most innovative sportbike products in the industry. We are committed to helping racers, track day riders and sportbike enthusiasts create the ultimate riding experience by saving time, money, and frustration on the track.

                    has theirs for $209. They came with great instructions and fit great. It's worth spending the money unless you want something extreme. 1.375" up and 1" back - you'll have to go pretty deep to scrape those pegs! Worth the money. I think they make them to order, though as it took them about 3 weeks.
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                      Hord sells woodcraft. Thats what i think most of us are running.
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                        Only thing I don't like about woodcraft is you need the stock levers. My levers are old and busted and I wouldn't want that stuck on shiny new cnc'd aluminum. Also my buddy went down at the track and bent up his woodcrafts, I think I'll use cheap plate to move the stock rearsets up and back, then if I go down the plate gets bent not the rearsets

                        On that note, anyone know about a good replacement rear brake lever other than the $70 stocker?

                        And bump the question about footpegs, I think I'm gonna try to make some out of alum tube and grind to fit.


                          I have a couple lil 2 brothers plates that move the stock pegs up and back.

                          Maybe I can find a picture...

                          I run Woodcrafts though, Wrecked, they bent and I bent them back to shape.
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                            TJ that's some nice looking machine work, you get those rear sets put out all sexy like that (for a reasonable price) and I'd be in line to get some!


                              TJ that's some nice looking machine work, you get those rear sets put out all sexy like that (for a reasonable price) and I'd be in line to get some!