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    Torque Wrench

    How many ft. lbs. will I need for working on the Hawk?

    I'm looking at one that does 0-80 ft.lbs (3/8" drive)
    and another that does 10-150 ft.lbs (1/2" drive)...

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    10-150 1\2 in drive should cover most aps. Get the best you can afford! No beam types!
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      Highest torque value on the Hawk is 120ft-lbs
      Avoid getting a 3/8 one that is calibrated in inch-lbs, as they usually dont go up to 300, which is where the 1/2" drive ones start. As well you will always be multiplying by 12 in your head to get the right setting. Best bet is to get one in Newton-meters, - but i'll bet they are pretty rare down there.
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        I think I got a 3/8 up to 80.

        There is only one 120 nut and you just reef on it once it is past 80 and you use a different wrench to do the reefing.
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