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HOW TO section request: Basic Hawk Tuneup

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    HOW TO section request: Basic Hawk Tuneup

    My Hawk hasn't been tuned in over a year, and I would like to learn to do it myself, rather than pay Honda (again) a few hundred bucks for a not-so-great job. Could anybody run down the basic procedure for a tuneup? I've never done it but guessing it involves:

    New plugs,
    replace or clean air/fuel filters
    Change oil
    Adjust idle speed
    Adjust carbs (needles/floats)
    Sync carbs

    if needed
    Adjust valves
    Adjust throttle/clutch

    Any tips/links for the adjusting parts (idle, carb sync, throttle/clutch) would be helpful. I know that most of these are addressed in detail elsewhere, but it would be great to see a list of the whole procedure, and the order in which it should be done...

    Thanks All!

    i would add checking

    tires- tread and pressure
    chain and sprokets- for wear and slak
    brakes- fluid levels and pad wear

    if you really want to do a good job change oil in the forks
    and dont for get a new oil filter if your changing the motor oil

    also think about taking the pedcock out and clean the filter on that too.

    good idea
    1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51


      Chapter 3 in the service manual is all about maintenance. Has a schedule and pointers to how to do the maint.