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Setting fork oil level?

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    Setting fork oil level?

    Does anyone know how to set the fork oil level when the forks are already fully installed on the bike. I've been reading that they need to be fully collapsed does that mean where the lower triple tree will hit the lower suspension dust seal.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm using .90 Race techs with 15W oil
    '88 BROS 650
    Race Tech Springs + Emulators
    Factory Jet Kit + UniPods
    Moriwaki exhaust
    Ohlins Shock
    Want : corbin gunfighter, black pearl wheels, 916 chain guard and lot's lot's more.

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    • '88 in Candy Flair Blue + '90 in Italian Red
    • Ohlins Rear Shock
    • F2 front wheel
    • VFR750 rear wheel
    • Hiperform seat&headers
    • MSMotorsport Seat Cowl
    • Steve Lenac Tokico six pot caliper


      I found the simplest way to measure the oil level was a straw!!
      Just measure the correct length and mark it on the outside with a marker.
      Stick it down the fork leg til it hits the oil, put your finger over the end trapping the oil in the straw, pull it out.
      Either add oil to reach your mark or use the straw to empty some out til you get the right level.
      Job done...