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Seeking maintenance advice - fan and alternator

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    Seeking maintenance advice - fan and alternator

    I'm having two re-ocurring maintenance problems with my 1989 Hawk GT and would like any advice from other Hawk owners. The cooling fan activation is faulty. I have replaced the thermostat twice and other parts of the electrical connected to the cooling fan. Last summer, two years after the electrical work was done, I've found that my battery is not being re-charged while I am riding. I replaced the battery when this started, but it made no difference. I took the bike in and had the alternator checked and was told that it is working fine. Any thoughts on fixing either problem?

    The fan is easy:
    The thermostatic switch grounds out when the temperature causes it to do so, completing the circuit and letting the fan run. Problem is the switch is made to contct at a very high and impractical temperture. On my gauge, its happens about the same time as the needle is full into the 'H' mark on the temp gauge, and the coolant is boiling in the lines and spitting out of the overflow. Most owners simply rig a handlebar switch to ground, and run that electrical wire piggyback onto the thermostatic switch connector.
    Check the connector at the left side subframe mount. Three yellow wires. Make sure the contacts are all good. Hawks have a slight problem with burning this connector up if the contacts get a little dirty.
    Good luck, let us know how it turs out.
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