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Jetted carbs... seem to fall down around 6000 rpm

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    Jetted carbs... seem to fall down around 6000 rpm

    Well I have had the bike out now for the last couple of awesome weather days and have noticed that right around 6000rmp the bike stumbles to the redline.

    It's got a Factory Jet 3, Uni's and M4...

    What do I need to do to fix this... cause thats the best part of the power band and it's just not right.

    I followed the Hord instructions at the bottom of the page all but the floats... I did not have a good way to measure them so I just left them as they were... (bet this is my problem)

    Any help would be nice.

    88 Street Hawk
    F2 tank, Aztec8 dual 4", Duc seat and CF cowl, Stage 3 jet, Uni Pods, M4 stubby, SV650 clips, controls & fuel pump, GSXR front mc and CFB1000 front caliper, F3 forks upper and internals, Penske 8983, Gino RCR, rear jump plates & R6 pegs and Vapor gauge...
    04 CRF50 pit bike and stunt runner...
    91 Suzuki GSF400 Bandit (she's a runner now...)

    Can I join you boat!

    I just got my bike started after the exact same install as per J.D.'s settings except I have a moriwaki exhaust rather than an M4.

    It took three battery charges to get it to start although mainly because I was impatient anf overactive with changing the choke setting.

    My floats were 9.1mm and 9.4mm so I left them alone I figured I'd probable make them worse.

    I'm getting a severe flat spot on 1/4 to half throttle at around 4500 RPM. It almost loses power completeley. feels like the combustions have softened and weakened.

    Haven't been able to do any proper test riding yet as my forks are still essentially useless until I can figure out what went wrong with the racetech install.

    It looks like we're both gonna be getting a crash course in carb tuning. Before I got the engine restarted I had regretted ever touching the carbs now it can start I'm just looking forward to perfecting the tuning.

    *****Note to any likeminded idiots like myself, listen to your gut and don't substitute spray chain lube for proper unifilter oil. I didn't and now I've got unifoam pods which are worse than the stock airbox, Whoops*****

    It's all a learning curve though, I've just gotta figure out exactly how much all these lessons are costing.

    P.S. Also try not to drop screws down behind the starter motor, it'll take an hour off your life.

    Good luck with your tuning, I'm taking a two week break in thailand with an undersized scooter before I get back into the tuning saga.

    Happy hawking

    '88 BROS 650
    Race Tech Springs + Emulators
    Factory Jet Kit + UniPods
    Moriwaki exhaust
    Ohlins Shock
    Want : corbin gunfighter, black pearl wheels, 916 chain guard and lot's lot's more.