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    Just purchased an '88 that is pretty much stock (f2 clip ons..maybe a 900rr shock?) This is my first post.

    The bike has alot of hesitation in the early rpms. I tried to do a search for hesitation but no luck. However, I did read somewhere about modifying the carb. needle to remedy this problem?

    Any advice or links?
    1988 Hawk
    Shuriken 1000

    first thing to do would be to simply pull the carbs off and clean them.
    If everything is stock then its going to be either clogged or gummed up jets etc.
    The manual is fairly useful for how to do that.
    If it turns out to be jetted or need jetting then do a forum search on 'jetting' plenty of input on that subject.



      Is it a 400 or 650 engine?

      Describe the hesitation

      Does it cut out when using the throttle ?
      Is it idling badly or low idle?

      Give the lad more details if you can. It may need a service plugs air filter...etc.


        Where in IN are u... I am in Cincinnat area.
        88 Street Hawk
        F2 tank, Aztec8 dual 4", Duc seat and CF cowl, Stage 3 jet, Uni Pods, M4 stubby, SV650 clips, controls & fuel pump, GSXR front mc and CFB1000 front caliper, F3 forks upper and internals, Penske 8983, Gino RCR, rear jump plates & R6 pegs and Vapor gauge...
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          Sorry for the lack of details. I'm located in Evansville and right now the bike is in Indy. Bought the bike and only got to drive for 30 min before I had to head home. So I really haven't gotten a chance to play with the hesitation issue.

          I pulled off the tank and airbox and peeked into the carbs and they actually looked pretty good...but I haven't torn into the float bowls yet. But as far as I know the bike was sitting out in a backyard with a tarp. I also have a little bit of pitting on the inside of the it's probably clogged.

          It is a 650 with stock exhaust/airbox. I'll post more details when I get the bike back (2 weeks)
          1988 Hawk
          Shuriken 1000