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  • F2 Wheel & Stock forks

    Does anyone know if you can use an F2 front wheel with the stock forks? I want to put on a widder front tire, without loosing the stock front fender.


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    As far as I know, no dice. You have to swap out the forks.
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      Originally Posted by Ross
      Another option (although they're getting hard to find) is to get the right fork lower from a Honda CB-1 (CB400F I think) from the same era as the Hawk. They have the same diameter rotor and the matching caliper for the opposite side, plus you're not stuck with the funky looking CBR fender. You get some SERIOUS stopping power.
      I just jacked that from another thread..could use the right side of a cb-1 fork (make sure its a good fork) and then you dont havta use the cbr fender.


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        There shouldn't be a problem with it. This is all lifted from the Hawklist FAQ's:

        "The most common front wheel replacement for the Hawk is the front from the Honda CBR600 F2. This wheel is a bolt-up replacement (in most cases), with the stock Hawk rotor fitting the bolt circle for the F2 rotors just fine. You need the right side wheel spacer from the F2, and that should do it. Some listers have had to shave some material off of the mounting lugs (after 88?) for best clearance, and some have had to make no modifications whatsoever.(-ed.)

        I finally installed my F2 wheel yesterday, with single Hawk disk, MEZ1 tire, and some nifty stainless button head allen screws covering up the disk holes on the other side. I too ran into some interference between the disk and caliper mounting bracket. Careful measuring revealed that the F2 wheel places the Hawk disk 0.085" or so further out (towards the fork tube), compared to the stock wheel. I ended up pulling the disc pads, sliding the mounting bracket off, removing the speedo cable support, slider pin and slider pin boot from the bracket. This allowed for lapping the mounting boss surfaces (on a flat plate with sandpaper) about 0.020" - 0.030". After a careful cleaning and reassembly, the interference problem disappeared, it fit like a champ. [Thx Jeff Gum]

        Front wheels from some other bikes will fit the Hawk as well, including the F3, which will force you to lose the mechanical speedometer pickup, and the front from the Suzuki GSXR750 seems to fit as well."
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          Thanks for you help

          Thanks for the replys. I talked with Steve Lenac and he confirmed that you can indeed run an F2 wheel with the stock hawk fender/forks in place. That being the case, I'm thinking of putting one of Steve's Tokico calipers on the hawk instead of putting on the F2 dual disks. For me, and this is just my opinion, it's a cleaner look and retains the stock front end look.

          If money wasn't an issue, I might consider going for the full CBR954 front end replacement. It looks awesome, but seems like a lot of overkill for a 50-60HP bike.