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(Carburetion) Your thoughts?

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    (Carburetion) Your thoughts?

    Just got my rig all... umm ...rigged up and rolling and here is what I am running.

    -Supertrapp with 6 discs
    -157.5/160 main jets
    -2.5 turns out mixture screws
    -needles clipped 4th from top (for some reason they were at 3rd from top and there was literally no power)

    Seems to be idling really nicely and takes little coercion to start (choke or throttle a little only if temp is below 65). Power seems pretty smooth all the way through but I don't really feel that it's at it's best. Don't feel real confident with wacking open the throttle and it seems to kinda "fizzle" a little while in upper-mid to high revs.

    I think I can do better... Any thoughts from the experts??? Let it be known that I do have some other jets on hand to try. (155, 157.5, 160, 162, 16

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    I got almost the same set up as you (SuperTrapp with 6 discs)

    albeit 145 main jet in the front & rear carb
    K&N stock like shaped air filter
    Stock needles lifted 1mm through tiny washers
    pilots set to 2 turns out
    stock spring length

    It propably runs better like this.



      ride Red.


        Try at least 8 discs. I had 11 discs on my Supertrapp with K&N pods, Factory stage 3 jetting. Lot's of top end and it ran great!

        I changed over to an M4 with uni's now. The M4 gave me a bit more mid with a loss of top end.... according to the "Butt Dyno" :P
        88 HawkGT (original owner)
        99 Concours
        02 VFR800


          probably going to get a bunch louder like that, eh? not sure how i feel about that. try smaller jets?

          ride Red.