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brake rotor (disc) gap

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  • brake rotor (disc) gap

    ive just put together my girlfriends 400 Bros(jap import) and the rivits of the front brake rotor/ disc run very close to the lower fork tube (about 2mm) anyone know if this is ok? as i bought the bike in bits! ive looked in the manual and all the spacers look like there in there, I just wondered if any one had a picture they could post so i could see what the gap is ment to look like!

    many thanks

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    Steve Lenac is the guy to ask. Find him on the US listserve on He's also got the most killer six-pot Tokico brake kit for the Hawk - f**kin' thing could endo an Escalade.
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      Hey Rob,
      your birds got a nice bike there.
      Have a look here

      I think thats a stock Hawk front rotor and from what I can make out it does seem quite tight.
      My bike isnt near my flat but next time Im over there I'll try and measure for you.
      I doubt 2mm is anything to worry about, if the wheel flexed that much in use I'd suggest it was about to break!!
      Only thing to try to eyeball is that the disc is centred in the caliper. I'd go as far as to suggest you remove the pads, push back the calipers and make sure that the disc is centred when looking from above.
      If its not then you may have the spacers in the wrong way round.



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        thanks for the info, im pretty sure all the spacers are correct, ive double checked but the only other bike ive seen was a UK ntv and the rotor is different and was a good 10mm away from the tube! I think im just being a bit over cautious because id hate anything to happen to her cos id messed up?
        if you could measure the gap Marc id be gratefull as theres not to many hawk/bros in the uk for me to compare it with!
        i may be able to lay my hands on a mint cbr F2 front end, but i best let her get some use outa it before i start all the mods i got planned!
        its a great little bike just like my old NC30!