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7 mm pinch bolts for the top triple

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    7 mm pinch bolts for the top triple

    anyone know where i can find the pinch bolts for the top clamp on the triple tree
    no one stocks 7 mm bolts
    i had to cut one and was hoping to replace them with stainless steel
    i have checked local hardwere stores and online ones like

    lil help please
    1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51

    If you're near a dealer, Honda don't charge too much for oem replacements, but they're not stainless... I can even tell you the part number to make it easy, when I get home in about 12 hours. It being such a generic part, it's even likely that a dealer would have them in stock.



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      is it part 20 in this diagram?

      If I've got a part no my local honda dealer is always
      willing to punch it into his parts PC. Worth a try with your local dealer
      may have a 2 day wait.
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