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Rear shock question..Yes I Did "search"

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    Center = Center of the swing arm
    Uni = Only one shock in the rear
    Shock = Rear suspension component

    It doesn't sound too mystical. :P

    Read up here on the 900RR compatibility.

    By the way, Um... isn't the 900RR shock suposed to have a remote resevoir? hmmm[/url]
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      that 900rr shock is a little suspect... the res will likely hit your subframe and require significant modification. i've got a 900rr shock in a box somewhere if you want it. shipping is on you. it's from a 94(?) so you'd get the extra 1-1.5'' of ride height, but mounting it sucks b/c there's no good place to put the remote res.

      honestly though, i'd look for a proper shock on ebay, used fox, WP or get a brandy-new ohlins


        This is how my 900rr shock's remote reservoir is mounted:

        Those are cable ties wrapped round it and cushioned with a strip of inner tube. A bit rudimentary some may say, but it does the job.
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          The 94 shock res. line is about 1/4 the length of the above. I made a little bracket on mine and mounted the bracket to the bolt above the top shock mounting bolt, then the shock to the bracket. This keeps it away from the frame and a little cleaner looking. If I get a chance I'll try to get a pic up.
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            Did you check the "How to" in the Sticky in this section??????

            96" 900rr Shock Mod

            Another 900rr mod page

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              I did a little more reading and thank you for the info. Im going to hold out for a fox or something better.



                good call
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