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Blowing Fuses

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    Blowing Fuses

    I keep blowing my ignition fuse and yesterday after about the 5th time I thought I fixed the problem, I was only getting about a block or two before I ran out of fuel in the bowls. I would then jumper the fuel pump relay and be good to go another block or so.
    Today's task was to jumper the the fuel pump relay and leave it jumpered for the ride to and from the AutoZone where I'd hoped to be able to find a generic fuel pump relay... So I started the bike and noticed for some reason, even though I wasn't even off the stand, my speedo was jumping around.(?!!) So I gave it a few twists on the throttle and <fart> there goes last nights 3 hours of "work". Fuse blew again.

    Stumped. Feeling downright stupid. (...probably am, seeing as how I managed to mess up a perfectly good bike.)

    I have a feeling the fuse-blowing has something to do with my Acewell Speedo that I thought was installed correctly but I have my doubts now, obviously.
    I'm feeling so defeated that I think I'm just going to drop it off at the shop and suck it up. (Probably going to cost a few hundred dollars in labor.)

    If anyone wants to help by asking me all the "stupid" questions and offer all the advice you can, whether obvious to you or not, I would greatly appreciate it.

    This really fucking pisses me off.

    Please help?
    ride Red.

    You should inspect all the wires if they are finding a ground (like rubbing on the frame) you will blow fuses!

    The chaffing will be between the fuse and whatever you are powering, if the chaffing was before the fuse the fuse would not blow!

    I hope you find a raw wire and save $$$$$$$!!


      heres A easy way to check for a short.

      first setup your multimeter so it makes a tone when the leads touch.

      put one to a known good ground that wont move... vice grip it to a bolt if you have to.

      put the other one to where the fuse goes... i do this by putting a piece of wire in, and wrapping it around the lead.

      the meter should now be making that annoying "connection" noise.

      now start wiggling the wires...... working your way around, you'll hear when you move the wire ground....