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headlight and turn signals dont work???

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    headlight and turn signals dont work???

    sorry guys starting a new thread in case this sounds familiar to someone.

    I had that melting turn signal issue. I thought I had it sorted and got it to where it had no running lights just turn signals. Then I went for a 15 min ride and the headlights and tail lights dont work anymore.

    Rear lamp and brake light work though. also the guage cluster lights work.

    I checked the fuses under the lamp and they are all good. I went through the headlight and signal connections and they look like they are wired ok but nothing.

    could it be a relay or am I missing something?

    Have you got a Voltmeter? Would be alot easy to trace where you are not getting a voltage. Or wire up a spare bulb put one to earth -ve(frame) and use the other end to locate the live +ve
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