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    Cooling system

    Okay - drained the system of anti freeze and installed distilled water and Water Wetter for my track Hawk.

    I've got a factory service manual and it says to "bleed the cooling system" but doesn't say how to do this. I've checked the FAQ section and this isn't covered. Well, not that I can see anyway.

    I've filled the rad and loosened the coolant drain on the water pump until some drains out.

    Should I be doing anything else? How exactly should the system be bled?

    thanks in advance
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    with the tank off (i know.. PITA) start the bike and rev it a few times.... then add water... repeat that cycle a few times, put the cap on while its running, and most of the air will be out.

    then just top off your overflow tank and you're set.


      When you drain the coolant using the lower water pump bolt, it helps to have the filler cap open. Filler cap is under the tank, directly behind the steering head, next to the thermostat body. Do yourself a favour, and get a fuel line quick-disconnect. You will be removing the gas tank frequently working on your Hawk, especially if it is a track bike.
      Getting all of the fluid from the overflow tank is tricky. Use a large hypodermic with a long flexible tube.

      *****WATCH OUT******
      Water wetter is a good product, ive used it with good results, but dont forget to tske it out in the fall if your bike is stored below freezing. It has absolutely no protection from low temperatures. I learned the hard way.

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        Don't refill the cooling system when on the side-stand as it doesn't prime properly.
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          Mr. Dude - ran it four or five times and each time after I shut it off, there was a big air bubble came up through the cap. Gonna do it a few more times before I put the cap on and try that.

          As for taking the tank off, I've got it sitting on the work bench with a long section of gas line to the fuel pump so I can run the bike and fiddle with it without constantly putting the tank on and off.

          And it's on my Bulldog race stand so it's level.

          thanks - I think I've got it.
          I gotta have more cowbell