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Speedo cable on F2 F3 front end? lower triple ??

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    Speedo cable on F2 F3 front end? lower triple ??

    I have either an f2 or f3 front end on my hawk. The lower triple appears to be a touch bent.

    I was going to try and straighten it on a vice but I was thinking I might as well buy a straight if I can get one for cheap.

    My question..... Are the triples on my bike Hawk triples or F2-F3 triples? Are they the same? and are all f2-f3 triples compatible?

    I want to make sure I buy the right one.

    Also my speedo and mileage dont read cause there is no cable. Any way to remedy this?

    Sounds like you have an F3 front end.
    F2's had the same mechanical speed pickup and cable as a stock Hawk to drive the speedo and tach, thats why they are the more popular choice for the front end swap.
    Replace the lower triples, instead of trying to straighten them in a vice. if you are sure they are bent. Your safety is probably worth it. Stock Hawk or F2 or even F3 I think are all interchangeable for lower triples, I think. Someone corret me if I am wrong.
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      Why am I thinking the Hawk triples are 41mm and the F2/3/4 are 43mm.

      I have 2 sets of Hawk triples in the garage. I will go check tonight.
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        I think f2 3 are 41mm as well as I have 41mm clip ons on there.

        So all the lower triples are interchangeable?

        anyone want to sell me a lower 4 cheap


          what ever bent your lower triple must have done a serious number on the forks! well the old forks, i have bent a pair of forks pretty good and the triple tree was fine.

          and yes hawk, f2, f3 fork are all the same dia,
          and the stearing stems are the same as well

          not sure what f4's are. those might be 43mm
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            The lower clamp (Its proper name is the crown clamp, the upper is the yoke clamp. Triple clamp reminds me of the Harley assholes.) Are all the same at 41mm with the same offset. I suggest you get another set of clamps both top and bottom if you think they are bent. Because if the lower is bent there is a very strong chance the upper is bent and the chances of you actually geting them true in your vise is near impossible. Besides you can get them cheap enough. I have both f3 and hawk clamps available if you need them $25 plus shipping. -Crash
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